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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2007 22:28 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    So Newcastle, Man Utd Sunderland have bigger ground and fill them, but even Sunderland fans where staying away this season and the only reason they're going back now is cos they're in the top 2 and have a chance of getting promoted and the only reason they'll go next season is cos they're in the Prem until they'll be in the Championship the following season and no my facts about Sunderland’s attendances where correct

    Home games attendances for Sunderland this season

    Birmingham – 26668
    Plymouth – 24377
    West Brom – 24242
    Derby - 26502
    Leicester - 35104
    Sheff Wed - 36764
    Barnsley – 27918
    Cardiff – 26528
    Southampton – 25667
    Colchester – 25197
    Norwich – 27934
    Luton – 30445
    Leeds – 40116
    Preston – 30460
    Ipswich – 27604
    Crystal Palace – 26958
    Coventry - 33591

    I wont go on with the rest as they’re all 30,000+ but its only the last 2 games that you’ve had a sell out and that’s down to you being in the top 2\3 other than that the only sell out you’ve had this season was on Boxing Day against Leeds, if you where mid-table\play-off you wouldn't get more than 25,000 and last time Boro were in the 1st division, every match was pretty much a sell out and probably could have sold 50% more season tickets if we had a bigger ground as list for people wanting one was over 10,000

    The things is Man Utd only fill there ground due to the amount of glory supporters they have, if they weren’t as successful they'd only fill half of it and Newcastle, well most of their fans are deluded and think they might win something every season, it wont be long till there ground is half empty ,

    It’s only the last 2 seasons that the attendances at Boro have fallen due to boring football, the Jekyll and Hyde performances and a manger who’s tactics where some what questionable along with some of the players he bought and playing them out of position but ended up as England Manager and now an inexperienced Manager and its 5 cup finals not 2 or 3, not forgetting in the last 10 years numerous Quarter and Semi final appearances. A hell more than Sunderland have achieved, get used to being a yo-yo club as that is all you are, it wont be long till you’re the 4th biggest club in the North East that wont get more than 15,000 fans