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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug May 6, 2007 20:28 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    my sad Manc friend,is that the best retort you can muster?

    Does this sound familiar?

    Off to Athens you go? Hmmm I remember a team not so long ago being 3 down at half time and winning, another with only 3 mins left on the clock and coming back and winning.

    It would be a shame to see you stumble at this late stage, oh wait a minute, Portsmouth, Boro, no defenders, limited midfield cover......could be set up for a massive banana skin

    Second place is still the first loser no matter how long you had the lead.

    Oh dear cussed you and it came true. How is your flght to Athens looking? Expensive waste of money? Just like the performance on the night.

    Got a couple of jokes for you:

    What does AIG stand for? No not your sponsor, ALMOST IN GREECE. Like that one?

    How about:

    The manufacturers of TomTom sat nav systems are having to recall thousands of their European products as they have had complaints from users that they cant find Manchester or Chelsea in Europe.

    Shame you look like a massive mug.

    Never mind, biggest club in country, blah blah blah. Liverpool are #$%$ in the Prem but 2 finals in 3 years makes you look like monkeys. Clearly Rafa is a far better European manager than Sir Al and that is done with half the #$%$ left over from GH and half the cash. Well done Rafa. Maybe you could coach the coach of the biggest club in the country to show him how to perform at the highest level in Euorpe.

    Someone needs lessons to be taught.