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  • Zambezi Zambezi Apr 20, 2007 17:02 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    Seriously , why over a prolonged period are you unable to have larger attendances at the riverside?. Steve gibson is a quality chairman who has injected millions into the club yet ,as the country knows you are not a well supported club. I understand 25000--28000 is not a bad attendance figure compared to some premiership clubs but it could be a lot better .look at NUFC 50 000--52 000 every home league game SAFC 50 per cent higher figures and thats championship football. Is it that people on teeside lack the passoion of other areas,? is it access to the ground . even in the days of Ravanelli Juninho Merson Emerson etc etc you still could not fill the ground on a regular basis ,and again now also with quality players on show. You have had good times recently a couple of finals yet this problem still remains i know privately Mr Lamb and Mr Gibson are concerned by this situation,as they feel what more can they do?

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    • And Sunderland and Newcastle have won over the last 30 years???

      IIRC correctly many Sunderland fans stayed away at the start of the season up until the Coventry home match, 2 months ago, before that they had 3 or 'big attendances' (not more than 35,000) but the average attendance was 25,000, Now this season Boro are averaging around 26,000\27,000, which is not bad for premiership team playing below par football, and if you cast your mind back to early last season, you'd realise other teams weren’t filing their ground either and its still happening.

      Enjoy being a yo-yo club and see if Sunderland can break the 20 points barrier next season when you also get relegated, as you'll get a rude awakening that Premiership football is a lot harder than Championship Football with an inexperience manager in charge.

      Oh and you would find that the days when Boro had Ravanelli Juninho Merson Emerson, Boro would fill the ground, the low attendances have just happened over the last 2 to3 seasons cos the fans where sick of McClowns tactics now Southgate's style of play, as no-one knows which Boro team will go and play.