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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ May 8, 2007 00:04 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    Maybe Mourinho,my mackem mate

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    • More likely to be Coleman, would you be happy with that?

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      • Naaa….. I reckon that Southgate will be in charge next season too, Gibson is no Fat Freddy and gives his managers a fair crack of the whip and his utmost support. The fans haven’t got on Gareths case either, although many were disappointed (myself included) with his appointment as manager. As a first time manager who inherited someone else’s team, he hasn’t done too bad compared to other relegation threatened teams, with more experienced managers who spent more last summer.

        We haven’t been brilliant this season and realistically it was very unlikely we would be, at times we have played well but as usual, inconsistency let us down.

        This year has been a learning curve not only for the manager but also for several of our youth players who have played more this season and gained valuable experience.

        We are more or less in the same position as we ended up in last year, if we beat Fulham on the last day we better last years points by one...hardly a great leap forward I know but perhaps a more stable platform for next season.