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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Apr 24, 2007 23:02 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    Must be boring as #$%$ always winning tho, you never get to experience the joy of being the underdog and beating a so called bigger side, (like we would have done on Saturday if teams other than United got penalties at Old Trafford)
    Instead you expect to win every game and then moan like #$%$ if you do lose or only draw...blaming the ref when clearly most of them are lodged so far up Ferguson’s #$%$ its hard to tell a red card from his shiny red nose.....no thanks pal I wouldn’t swap supporting Boro for your team.....you carry on though, every lump of #$%$ needs a fly hanging round it.

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    • well its off to Athens and wembely and in between just time to pick up the premiership,its great being a red!

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      • Still off to Athens then?

        Just wondering since you've been gloting about it several times.

      • Quote “well its off to Athens and wembely and in between just time to pick up the premiership,its great being a red!”

        Pity you haven’t got the time to go back to school for a spelling lesson daft arse. I would bet you have never even been to Old Trafford, what’s up? Can’t afford the train fare from London?

      • 10 men behind the ball spoiling tatics? We ripped you apart in the second half. Plus we played 2 upfront and neither Vids or Yak are well known for their Henry-esk back tracking to their own 18 yard box.

        10 Men behind the ball is #$%$, boring, #$%$ football is it? Funny that seeing you went with only one up front against Milan. Guess old Fergie doesn´t rate your midfield 4 against their 4, need the extra man in there against the better quality opposition do you?

        Off to Athens you go? Hmmm I remember a team not so long ago being 3 down at half time and winning, another with only 3 mins left on the clock and coming back and winning.

        It would be a shame to see you stumble at this late stage, oh wait a minute, Portsmouth, Boro, no defenders, limited midfield cover......could be set up for a massive banana skin

        Second place is still the first loser no matter how long you had the lead.