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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Apr 25, 2007 21:14 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    Quote “well its off to Athens and wembely and in between just time to pick up the premiership,its great being a red!”

    Pity you haven’t got the time to go back to school for a spelling lesson daft arse. I would bet you have never even been to Old Trafford, what’s up? Can’t afford the train fare from London?

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    • my sad smoggie friend,is that the best retort you can muster?a few facts,Man U the best suported team in the country by a mile,contrary to popular believe old trafford is packed every game with the vast majority residing in manchester,granted due to the global appeal of our great club people do come from far and wide to witness the Man u religion(a problem your pathetic little parochial club will never have to contend with)all you get is a steady stream of mercenaries taking your hard earned and heading off into the sunset,what a set of mugs,never won nowt never likely to win owt,support that would disgrace a div 1 side and a ground built on a lanfill site,no wonder you get upset!its great being a red!

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      • Quote "my sad smoggie friend,is that the best retort you can muster?"

        Ha ha, just enough to get you biting little fishy,
        My advice to any Boro fans watching....go fishing for Chumleyw%nker with a prawn sandwich and watch him rant on about how great his team are.

      • Man Utd may sell out every game but how many aren't glory supporters, how many actully are from Manchester and how many would support them should they ever lose there 'big club' tag and twindle down the leagues once Sir Alex leaves?

        Now i know Boro aren't the most fashionable team in the prem and we'll never win the league but its has a better local support to area ratio than Man Utd has.