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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ May 3, 2007 19:22 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    Quote "well its off to Athens and wembely and in between just time to pick up the premiership,its great being a red!"

    Tut tut, talk about counting your chickens. Personally I am sad that an English team lost last night, but for me Chumley Wan&er's quote epitomised the over confidence shown by United and in particular Ronaldo. Perhaps he lets some of his reviews go to his head lately.....as early as the third minute he was trying back heels & flicks where a simple pass would suffice....THE BALL WAS LIKE A BAR OF SOAP AFTER ALL THE RAIN YOU DAFT POSEING CUNT, THATS NOT GONNA WORK !
    Milan on the other hand where much more business like, direct attacking football, keeping the ball, passing well no tricks or step-overs just quality, no nonsense finishing by Kaka & Seedorf.
    I pissed myself laughing near the end when Seedorf took the ball off Ronaldo, stopped and waited for him, then beat him again before Ronaldo lost his patience and finally floored him.... so ironic to see that twat given some of his own medicine.
    United had the tools to do the job, and I wish they had of done so...but unfortunately some of them had a little too much ego, didn’t show Milan the respect they deserved and were duly punished. Ferguson was gracious in defeat, he summed it up when he said if only United had kept the ball more for those first 20 mins...this would have given them a chance to settle, pass the ball around and get comfortable with the wet conditions, instead they made it far to easy for the home side.

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    • yeah theres a lot of truth in what you say,on the night the best team won by some distance,we were not at the races at any point in the game and as you prightly point out the big guns rooney and Ronaldo went missing,its easy to make excuses but the reality is all of the disruption particularly in the back four did for us against quality opposition,BUT my smog filled friend its now back to the important job of spanking city on Sat and picking up the coveted premiership trophy then its of to wembley to sort out the kennsington mob who are a now a busted flush,Athens would have been fantastic but for sure the mighty reds will come again, a lot stronger and a lot wiser for the experience.