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  • Good news about Woodgate signing, but this is who'd I'd get rid of

    Paranby – not good enough for the Prem.
    Riggot - won’t get many chances now, so might as well cash in on him, could sell him to the Geordies for an inflated price since they're desperate for a defender and always pay over the odds for an average player
    Yakubu - not shown anything this season that’s he deserves to stay, alsohas been lazy more times than Viduka this season
    Jones - we have better in Turnbull and Knight
    Graham - not lived up to his potential also can't score in the lower league
    Mendieta – Past it
    Rochemback - how many good games has he had since arriving??
    And finally Boateng - supposed to be the captain of the team but has show this season he's unreliable at times and looks like he can’t handle the pressure and responsibilities, if Woodgate was made captian next season, maybe Boateng’s form will improve but he's not captain material.

    and who I'd like to see in, would be

    Viduka to re-sign.
    A pooper right winger, good knows we need one.
    Another striker.
    Another creative midfielder, to keep Arca on his toes and to provide cover when he's injured.
    New coaches but keep Cooper or promote him to Assistant.
    And a defensive midfielder till Catts is old enough and more technically better.

    I wouldn't get Boa Morte, he's not impressed me at the clubs he's been at plus I'd persoanlly prefer someone much younger and there is better and younger out there.........somewhere, maybe in Porritt