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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Apr 30, 2007 07:18 Flag


    You want Big Sam at Boro? I've had enough of poor signings who never really cut it. Why get a guy who'll take a 50 grand back hander just to sign another #$%$ player? Lets give Gareth a little longer. This is still Maclaren's team, he's got Woddy to sign which is great news, Huth need to stay fit and that is a cracking partnership in the making. We need more players to compete for the midfield slots.

    Is George still cutting it? Will Rocky ever stop sulking for the sun and comit to playing for us? James Morrison doesn't have enough quality in my opinion for where we want to be in the prem. Can we get Mendi off the wage bill? Stewie needs to perform like he did against Bolton week in week out. Johnson looks like sheer class if he can bulk up a little and not get dominated. Parnaby, Davies, Xavier, can all go if we can get other players in to cover.

    Lots to be done over the summer, let see what they can do.

    I would like to see the Captaincy go to Woody and build around him, he's said he'll finish his career with us. Lets reward that and push on.

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    • Reason I said Allardyce was Boro need a manager who's going to shout at players off the field as well as when things are going right on the field, Southgate to me comes over as being to 'nice' and doesn’t really shout as his players much, they seem a little too relaxed.

      I agree with you on those players and would sell them all also along with Huth, from what I've seen of him he's not worth the £6M we paid Chelsea plus with Woodgsate and Pogatetz doing so good this season was he really worth buying, we have Wheater getting rave reviews from Darlo (tho he really needs to go to a top Championship club to really see what he's like), Bates coming back from injury (if Southgate plays him at centre back.

      Maybe if the captaincy went to Woody, would Boateng be back to his best?

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      • Yeh, I hope Sam comes on board too. Realisticly, do not think he will choose a club size like Boro...In fact i've GUT feeling that he is aiming to get into elite clubs or emerging ones.

        I've to agree on those players u mentioned that under-performed. Contary to this fact,look at Sunderland. Their current squad is not as good as Boro, but this MANAGER(keane) makes a huge impact & influence on the either unknown,has been,youth & average players(coca cola league mat'l) that produce stunning results(30 games unbeaten).

        Last but not least, MANAGER is the culprit to attain desirable results. Then good players will be attracted by the reputation & finally European Cup AMBITION.....WoHAHAHAHAHA........!