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  • Lee Lee May 5, 2007 20:40 Flag


    Yeh, I hope Sam comes on board too. Realisticly, do not think he will choose a club size like Boro...In fact i've GUT feeling that he is aiming to get into elite clubs or emerging ones.

    I've to agree on those players u mentioned that under-performed. Contary to this fact,look at Sunderland. Their current squad is not as good as Boro, but this MANAGER(keane) makes a huge impact & influence on the either unknown,has been,youth & average players(coca cola league mat'l) that produce stunning results(30 games unbeaten).

    Last but not least, MANAGER is the culprit to attain desirable results. Then good players will be attracted by the reputation & finally European Cup AMBITION.....WoHAHAHAHAHA........!