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  • michael h michael h May 1, 2007 03:28 Flag

    Woodgate secures his house In MBoro

    1 mile from Billingham, and as a postal worker i can confirm that as a TS postcode it DOES fall within Teesside!
    But, thanks for the message anyway lol

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    • Sorry mike but you've really just set yourself up for a cyber roasting here mate!

      Who cares if your claiming to work for the Royal Mail? as per usual your simply talking #$%$e! Thankfully you havent posted anything in the NUFC forum for a while, as amusing as the #$%$ you post is.

      Anyhow, get ready for a red face here matey!...

      ...Hartlepool has a TS postcode and thats NOT Teesside, its Hartlepool!

      Redcar has a TS Postcode and thats in the county of Cleveland, thats NOT Teesside either!

      Trimdon has a TS Postcode and thats in Sedgefield NOT Teesside!

      Wingate has a TS Postcode and thats Easington NOT Teesside!


      Please check the contact address out on that site, do you see the word TEESSIDE anywhere on there? and thats in Wynyard near Billingham as you put it.....Postman Pat! ;o)

      Now when you've finished wiping the egg off your face, and chewed on some humble pie, please feel free to try and wangle your way out of that one without looking even dafter than you already do!

      Its a bit like Newcastle upon Tyne with its NE postcode, the NE Postcode stretches into places like Hexham which is out in the sticks of Northumberland, it might be on the River Tyne the same as Newcastle is, but its not classed as Tyne & Wear, its Northumberland!

      So there you go clever #$%$, I told you that Wynyard was in the Tees Valley, and not in bloody Middlesbrough which is the main concentration of the area thats classed as Teesside.

      But, thanks for the message anyway, just having your niggle about the Teesside area postcodes has made me laugh, and having nothing positive to say about Geordie posting a message that was wishing Jonathan Woodgate the best of luck at Boro shows what an unsporting #$%$ you are!

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      • How about you get ready for a red face

        The TS postcode area, as known as the Cleveland postcode area, is a group of postal districts around Billingham, Guisborough, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Stockton-on-Tees, Trimdon Station, Wingate and Yarm (oh look it includes the ones you mentioned).

        There is no county Cleveland anymore that was abolished in 92, with the area being split between the ceremonial counties of Durham and North Yorkshire. However, Cleveland Police and other institutions covering the four boroughs Hartlepool, Langbaurgh-on-Tees (re-named Redcar and Cleveland), Stockton-on-Tees, and Middlesbrough.

        The area (including Hartlepool) is known as 'Teesside' for some purposes, and with Darlington the term Tees Valley is becoming more popular in the press and with local government, although it continues to be generally unused and unrecognised by the actual residents of this area.

        So to put it in simple terms Tess Vally is Teesside but not used as much as Teesside is.

        Bet you feel a right #$%$ now