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  • A Yahoo! User May 2, 2007 03:28 Flag

    Woodgate secures his house In MBoro

    I neither have a red face nor feel like a right t*at dark_smog, because I expected some lame reply from one of you argumentative lot somewhere down the line over this...

    ...Wynyard is classed as the Tees Valley area, its as simple as that bud!

    I dont care what you reckon, or what the actual residents are saying about it all, but theres a Wynyard address for all to see on that link in my last post.

    And theres no bloody mention of TEESSIDE on the address there, is there?

    Argue the case until your blue in the face as far as I'm concerned fella, I'm just stating what I see as fact as its documented and even online for all to see, your just going by 'Old Yockle local' terms and making yourself look as daft as coulby the postie wannabe!

    F*ck me! all of this because I wished Jonathan Woodgate all the best in his future at Middlesbrough FC? You c*nts turn everything into an argument.