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  • michael h michael h Apr 29, 2007 01:30 Flag

    Woodgate secures his house In MBoro

    Strange how most of NUFC scum live or lived in Wynyard( TEESSIDE!!) and NOT in the slum suburb of Sunderland (TYNESIDE)

    Cant recall any Boro players wanting to live the drab n dreary toonside!!!

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    • I for one, am very pleased to see that Jonathan Woodgate has signed for Middlesbrough FC, NUFC treatment tables overcrowded as it is!!! he he he he! Just kidding!

      Seriously though, its nice to actually see a player choosing the club he supported as a kid over the higher wages and larger crowds watching that any of the bigger clubs like your Manchester United's, Arsenal's, Liverpool's etc (and not forgetting the TOON) of this world could have offered him.

      Alan Shearer did pretty much the same thing when he signed for NUFC and got years of #$%$ from the Manchester United fans for it, which is something that Jonathan Woodgate WONT get from the Geordies, as we can appreciate local loyality!

      I'll just point out to the smoggie fans who continually bad mouth NUFC & the Geordies, that the Toon did NOT try and sign Woodgate on a full time basis! ok lads? Have you finally got that one?

      Yes! NUFC did offer to take Woodgate on loan from Real Madrid at the beginning of the season, but the Toon were entitled to do that, its was in his contract clause with Real Madrid, and he was a Toon player before he was a Boro one if you remember?

      Now, please try to bear in mind that Woodgate himself apparently approached Southgate a few weeks back, and made it clear that he wanted to play for Boro on a permenant basis, and that they should buy him...

      ...this has nothing to do with NUFC being interested in him, NUFC fans, Geordies or Tyne & Wear as an area itself, so can you smoggies please try and get over yourselves.

      Oh! and I thought Wynyard is within the Tees Valley area? not actually on Teesside or in Middlesbrough itself? It must be a bit of an embarresment when a Geordie knows more about your own geographical area, than you so called locals do?

      Anyhow, Good luck Jonathan Woodgate at Boro, lets hope he enjoys an injury free career now!