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  • I think we're jumping the gun a bit, Keane as Man Utd manager soon as its available, no chance.

    Being a great player at a great club does not mean you'll be a great manager, just look at

    Bryan Robson was tipped for big things and failed, where is he now?

    Steve McClown was tipped for big things and is failing as England Manager, also 1 cup and 1 European final does not make you a top class manager.

    Steve Bruce, gets Birmingham promoted twice but has never been to a cup final, never got the team into Europe.

    This is Keane's 1st season as a manager and congrats to him and the team for getting promoted at the 1st attempt (as its an easy 6 points for Boro next season), but being successful in the Championship is a lot different too being successful in the Prem these days, he's going to have to prove that he can 1) take a team of Championship players and turn them into Premiership players, 2) bring some quality players in and pull off some deals in the process and 3) maintain a top six finish every season on a limited budget, the only player to play for Man Utd and make it as a manager is Mark Hughes.

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    • yeah fair point you make,but the general feeling is that after so many false dawns SAFC actually are going to make real progress under Keano and Quinn, having talked to numerous people from safc they are more confident than ever about the future,as for easy six points that remains to be seen!what is good is that all three sides are now in the premiership which can only be good for football in the north east.