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    Any comments? Anyone?

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    • well now dougy,what a predicament.with respect,your average crowd is what lets your club down.subsequently your never gonna be in a position where your club is in a financial position to fund the supporters ambitions.your always gonna need uncle steve (fine man that he is )to dip into his wallet to finance any progress.sadly this means you will always be in the same bracket as wigan,shef.utd.,blackburn,charlton,watford,fulham,etc.thats because uncle steve is a millionaire not a billionaire.nor i fear is m`bro an attractive proposition to any prospective billionaire looking to buy a football club,because no matter how you may protest to the contrary your club does not have either the history or the public image outside of m`bro to attract a potential buyer.iknow the truth upsets you dougy,but even sunderland football club has a higher profile than your lot.i am already bracing myself for the normal torrent of abuse by way of a reply and understandably so,but think about it dougy,no matter how long we continue to delude ourselves we cannot change the truth.( f*ck me i`m a mag i know about delusion ) if your billionaire benefactor doesn`t turn up go and get steve coppell from reading,he could do for you what sam allardyce did for bolton.have a nice day !

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      • Well Davey, It’s nice to know that as you type your arguments you already appreciate that they are full of holes and people will surely be coming back at you.

        On that note you were a little harsh I felt on the other string. Not been having the usual 2 a day?

        Let me start with ground attendance. Yep is low, could be higher. In terms of % of people attending the games to town population it is massive. But these are simply stats.

        Should the football become more consistent the crowds will improve.

        Sunderland a high profile club? Historically yes but not currently. I know when clubs are bought and sold their history counts. Why else pay 55m to 130m for a club that has won f"•$ all for 60 years? Not for the current team that’s for sure!

        But what does spending millions really get you. For Chelsea, the league and it pushed them from no where in Europe to semi finalists and also helped their domestic cup run. Spurs have spent the same money as Wenger has but achieved nothing to show for it.

        Newcastle have spent nigh on 100m in the last two season and finished below Boro, Failed to win anything this century (like that one?) gone backwards, and have high profile players unable to stay fit or to have a desire to play for the shirt. As for the management they were more comical than Basel Faulty. Instead of sketches about "Don’t mention the war" we had "all our women are slags" "who´s managing the team this week" and my personal favourite "don´t look now but Boro are bigger than" not to mention "doesn´t our silverware look old and rusty"

        So although I am aware of the truth in all it´s forms. When I look around at what is spent and what is achieved, yes I want more from my club in every aspect, but mainly I´m proud with what we have done, are doing and will do.

        So can you face the truth about where your club is, where it was and most importantly that its current slide doesn´t continue?

        You´ve just been sold behind the back of one of your major shareholders, whilst he was in hospital (Good wishes Freddy, get better soon we need our laughing stock back). Not really the actions of a classy outfit is it?

        Keep your billionaires. I want to keep on winning trophies, getting to finals and making progress.

    • The problem being that you can´t attract top players without consistant team performances or European games. Should there be an EU break away league of all the top teams and Boro be in it we´d stand a cracking chance of winning it! It´s just when we play the Watfords et al that we drop sloppy points which then rolls on for a while till we play a big team again.

      6m was spent on Huth. 2.5(?)ish on Arca probably the same back from FQ sale to Fulham. Happy with the league position Franck? 7m on Woody mid season so it wasn´t a small outlay from us.

      We clearly need to revamp the midfield. A better holding player who distributes the ball better, a right midfielder and an attacking midfielder. With the 4 who have left plus Mendi must be on his way we should have a large % of the wage bill available plus add Ugo, Jimmy and Gareth into that and the total bill must be lower and have room even with the above additions.

      With Aston Villa, WH (should they stay up now Fifa are involved) Portsmouth, Liverpool and potentially Man C all with take over transfer money available and with double bubble TV money I think the market is going to be very over inflated again. So getting quality players is going to be expensive. Which 15m plus players are begging to join Boro? If one does join is he there for the club or the money? This is the problem.

      It will be interesting who we sign and if Dukes stays. Hopefully he will.

    • Absolutely, We hardly spent anything this season, certainly a lot less than similar placed clubs. I was under the impression that this season we would splash out on some quality players. Southgate has to assemble his own team of players & not scrape by on Mclowns leftovers.
      Fair enough we have some good lads coming through from the youth side...but no... hold on lets allow our most promising young player for decades to leave for another club !! Surely if we had kept Porritt we may never have to look for signing some mercenary who is just looking for a fat pay check.

    • So, GS is waiting on a decision from Mark Viduka as to whether he is to stay at the Riverside or ply his trade elsewhere. GS says he has spoken at length to MV about the club's ambitions and the fans have played their part by telling him how much they want him to stay.

      Well why has GS come out with the statement that he is to go bargain hunting in the summer? Bargain hunting? That will really reassure MV about the club's ambitions especially as Sunderland and Newcastle have announced they have £multi millions to invest.

      Just the sort of statement to boost season ticket renewals and sales too.

      We need a quality creative midfielder who can also contribute 10 -12 goals a season, and a proven goal scorer to work alongside MV (if he stays), with a probable cost of around £15m -18m. Alternatively out of contract players available for free but who will require £75,000 - £100,000 per week. Now that's ambition with a top six position at the end of the season

    • Apparently smoggie, they will be quids in if an English club sign him...but if he goes abroad...and there is interest in him there, we make very little.
      I reckon we should have signed him up, but his agent sounds like a right greedy #$%$ and has seen a way to line his own pockets.

    • Due to the fact that Viduka's Contract ends this season, Middlesbrough is in search for a young striker. Viduka's future is uncertain at the moment but it would be difficult to let go of your striker whom you rely for the last 10 games of the season. Yak has been blank and Lee is still scoreless. Just like letting go of Hasselbaink last season and I think Middlesbrough struggled a bit at the beginning of the season. I think Boro needs 2 men on the right flank/back. In my opinion, they should stick on Viduka and find the right men on the RIGHT.

    • I wonder if Boro would be entitled any compensation but then again they aint a big club or from London, but I'm guessing the FA would just 'look the other way' and allow him to join another club without any investigation taken place since it was shown that his agent was touting him to other clubs without Boro’s knowledge or permission.

      Also what effect has that BBC documentary had on him wanting to leave? Not seen the kid play but I’m thinking IF he ends up at a big club, he’s going to be one of these players who are hyped up but ends up playing for a League One\Two team for the rest of their careers.

    • Poritts agent is called Peter Harrison, yes I would compare him to Barry Silkman, both really slimy....Do you remember Douggie when I phoned Silkman for tickets to the final in Eindhoven and he gave it the large one that he would send the tickets blah blah bullsheet blah.....in the end if we had trusted that lying #$%$ we would still be waiting for them.

    • Bent is clearly a useful striker. Keeping Vids Yak and Bent all happy in the same team is unlikely. I think Vids will stay, if not lets get the pace of Bent upfront, something were missing.

      We could always go for Owen at a knock down 9m. 17m they paid for 2 seasons and 13 appearances. Now that´s comical!

      Young? Why bother. We have better now and he would only be a squad player.

      Christy´s gone today as well I see. Looks like a massive summer clear out. time or Mendi to go as well. Rocky to be replaced with someone who wants to play for us (hopefully). Parnaby can go. Xavier already out the door. Let hope Tony M our reserve right back stays fit and away from shocking Scouse trailist tackles. He looked great when he was playing.

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      • Bent -Yes, Young -no, Owen -yes (if less than 10 mil.), Christy -see yer, Rochembach-f%&ck off (he is a real waste of skin), Xavier-rehabs that way pal, Parnaby-bye bye etc etc......

        Seems to me that Southgate is wisely reducing the age of the squad, and (being a defender himself) building his own team around the back four, which is a good thing.

        However, the Midfield & striker situation is looking grim -

        Mendieta-been shit for ages now, get rid of pronto.
        Boateng- Past his best, still gives 100% but too slow and cant hold the middle of the park like he used to.
        Cattermole- Could step into Georges shoes, terrific tackler and a natural born meathead…..he was probably born with stubble.
        Rochembach- Brazilean ! Ha! So he trimmed his pubes once!
        Downing- Inconsistent and at times lacks confidence.
        Morrison- I had hoped would be our Paul Scholes but at times plays more like Pope John Paul.
        Adam Johnson-Looks skilful & dangerous but needs more games under his belt.

        Viduka -(31 years) looking for his last contract, & can leave on a free...so I reckon he will opt for a taste of glory in his Autumn playing years by going to one of the top table sides.
        Yakuba- possibly off to Fenerbahce, I don’t want to lose him but perhaps continental football will suit his "energy efficient" style more.
        Morrison -no real experience and so far not a proven goal scorer
        Jason Euell- why the hell did we sign him? Was there a mix up over the phone and Southgate was trying to sign Harry Kewell.

        We need a creative midfielder who can open up defences with good running & passing and if we lose our main strikers, a proven goal scorer (Bent would do) or else Bernie Slaven might well be lacing his boots up come the start of next season.