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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug May 10, 2007 22:56 Flag


    Euell is definately a big question. I think he was brought in as experience as the 11.55pm mark of the transfer deadline loomed. He played in games at the start of the season but was probably only ever on Charlton´s bench for a good reason. Didn´t he get a dream move to Rangers where he never played?

    My shout for Tony MacMahon proved ill fated. Yep he´s injured again!!!!!!!

    Old #$%$ #$%$ has looked less assured than Bambi on her first ice outing. He´s been unlucky in hitting the wood work and being brought down by John O´Shea in the Man U game. Yes Sir Al he touched the ball. However if you sweep the players legs away before you touch the ball it´s still a pen. So not sure how he is going to fitting in.

    Plenty of players leaving which has to be good for the wage bill, 40,000 for Mendi a week? Probably.

    So that must mean there is room for guys to come into the squad/first team?

    Shame about Porritt leaving. He´s touted as the best player in position in his age group. He was also the kiddie being touted round the top clubs by his agent in the bung TV show.

    Still think we need a second keeper. Jones and Turnbull are getting older at last but I don´t think many strikers worry about them keeping goal.

    Still it could be worse. We could #$%$ 50m a season and still end up going backwards, then having a 17m star sod off for peanuts after 13 games! Come to Boro Micky, look how well Woody is doing! Your team not won anything in how many years??????????

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    • Yes real shame about Porrit...he should have been offered proffesional terms...his agent sounds a real slimy f%&ker though

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      • Was it Silkman, I forget? From the TV show the agent was clearly driving the move for his 5%. When your a talent and want to play and your agent says I´ll get you into Chelsea, Man U etc it has to been a massive influence on you. The only problem he has is if he isn´t a Rooney or Owen, Gerard et al he won´t ever break into their teams. At least us and Fulham actually give the youth teamers a chance to break in.

        If it was Silkman then Lamb actually banned him from from the ground cos he was getting so #$%$ off with him. I think it had something to do with him touting Stevie Mac around other clubs as a manager!