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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug May 15, 2007 22:38 Flag


    The problem being that you can´t attract top players without consistant team performances or European games. Should there be an EU break away league of all the top teams and Boro be in it we´d stand a cracking chance of winning it! It´s just when we play the Watfords et al that we drop sloppy points which then rolls on for a while till we play a big team again.

    6m was spent on Huth. 2.5(?)ish on Arca probably the same back from FQ sale to Fulham. Happy with the league position Franck? 7m on Woody mid season so it wasn´t a small outlay from us.

    We clearly need to revamp the midfield. A better holding player who distributes the ball better, a right midfielder and an attacking midfielder. With the 4 who have left plus Mendi must be on his way we should have a large % of the wage bill available plus add Ugo, Jimmy and Gareth into that and the total bill must be lower and have room even with the above additions.

    With Aston Villa, WH (should they stay up now Fifa are involved) Portsmouth, Liverpool and potentially Man C all with take over transfer money available and with double bubble TV money I think the market is going to be very over inflated again. So getting quality players is going to be expensive. Which 15m plus players are begging to join Boro? If one does join is he there for the club or the money? This is the problem.

    It will be interesting who we sign and if Dukes stays. Hopefully he will.