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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug May 25, 2007 23:07 Flag


    At the start of every Season I think we´re going to win it, this year, last and next. Then we kick off......

    I laughed at your descriptions of your mgmt set up, nicely worded.

    But as much as I back my team you back yours. The difference being, you have massive potential at your club whilst we actually realise ours. Storing something aint no good if you can´t ever use it. (Just ask Geordie Boy who´s either been banned or gone very quite yet again, fustrated little fellow)

    If you look at our set up its all about the kids now. Local lads playing football for local people. That´s the way we like it. People with pride playing in our shirt.

    There are a number of recent past and current players who never even tried faking the fact they wanted to play for us. We´ve paid the price for this so have you.

    Yes your ground is bigger and every season you sell more shirts (how do you do this when the shirt is the same? does the converstaion in the terrance go "ha ha look at Billy he´s only got last years shirt. Look his goes black, white, black not white, black, white??)

    The moral of the story is we´ll both keep the faith, the big question is who will finish higher in the league next season? One of us is playing catch up.