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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ May 28, 2007 23:27 Flag


    With regard to earlier posts on this subject , Dougie hits an extremely valid point in his argument, and that is that money cant buy success. Have a butchers at the list of Richest clubs based on revenues generated during 2005/6. ;


    Real Madrid heading the list despite a third cons. season without silverware.
    The interesting bit is the lower teams; Newcastle 13th, Man city 15th, West Ham 19th
    The revenue they are generating must be huge compared to a club such as Boro…so what’s going wrong?
    As Davey rightly says the mismanagement of funds doesn’t help, also mercenaries taking huge wages yet putting in pi$$ poor performances doest help…as Boro have discovered to their cost in recent years.
    I can only compare the situation to corporate structures in the business world, and after all football is a business these days (if not to the fans) before all else.
    Big companies do well when they make tons of money, and being a big company helps in this endeavour, BUT, their capacity to lose money is also helped by the fact of their size…the bigger they are the bigger the overheads, the more people dipping into the pot, fiddling the books, overcharging expenses or whatever.
    A ‘smaller’ firm, whilst not being capable of generating the revenue of larger firms can still out perform in terms of profitability, by being far more efficient and streamlined in their day to day management of funds.

    Steve Gibson is a businessman, a self made millionaire, and no matter how much he loves the club is hardly the type to sit back and watch his investment go down the toilet, or “dip into his wallet” at the first sign of trouble. His answer has been to invest his money more on long-term solutions e.g. the youth side, with Boro`s academy now ranked as one of the best in the country and its students regularly playing for England from under 17`s up to the senior side.

    Newcastle & Sunderland certainly have the fan base, the history, the revenue and the potential to be top table sides such as Man USA or Chelski , but, are they ??
    They have had this huge fan base and high attendance figures for years now and it hasn’t seemed to make a great deal of difference- all NE teams with relegation problems, poor league positions and inconsistent form (no-one more inconsistent than Boro I hasten to add) Therefore I cannot see a cast iron connection between attendance figures (or indeed revenue) and success …yes it certainly helps, but desire & pride to play for your club, manager, chairman & fans goes a long way also. Sunderland seems to have a potentially great future ahead of them at the moment, with a highly respected manager, chairman & die hard fans to boot that all care passionately about the club and are all pulling in the right direction. Newcastle under Allardyce and with less injury problems should also perform better this year but I believe that there is nothing better than home grown players who grew up supporting and then playing together for the club they love, so, call me a blind optomist (well it does help if u are a Boro supporter) my money is going on Boro to finish higher again next season, & our academy players will be the telling factor because they are the future and the future is bright…………..... the future is Boro.

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    • Looks like you are patriotic fan of Boro.

      By the the way things turn out now, it seems that Garethy lack managerial appeal. Just need to look at it closely on our Yakubu,Viduka...etc. Their confidence has started to creepily shed off the BELIEF on the expectations of the club directions.

      Ive a feeling that Boro will be lucky to stay at a similar position standings as of 2006/2007 season.
      If not Relegation worries will be theirs as bad transition has begun to creep into Boro's fate.