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  • Zambezi Zambezi May 14, 2007 19:46 Flag

    Biggest Club in the NE

    At this moment in time Boro are the ne's top team, league position and your final appearences over the last few years confirm that. Remember you're only as good as your last game or season ,it starts all over again, and with the resurgence of Sunderland, and Newcastles determination to get it right for once,next season could be very interesting for all of us.We all could have something to shout about for a change, and get the north east talked about for the right reasons.Newcastle always maintain they are the biggest supported club and at the moment, again rightly so,but we are now hot on their heels and within a couple of years we could take that mantle from them, i say could as plans are being made to commence extension works next year should we retain premiership status

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    • We just have our noses in front as the most successful NE club at this moment, but we are not the biggest club in the area going by attendance figures. That’s a worrying aspect that I hope will change. Gibbo has frozen ticket prices again this year..a good thing perhaps, but in comparison to similar clubs who have dropped ticket prices, this may be an opportunity missed to attract more people to games next season.
      Now that Sunderland are back up It would be great for the NE sides to make the rest of the country notice us, for years none of us have really had a sniff of major silverware, yes some cup final appearances...with only one trophy to show for it.
      You are dead right though Douggie that for his first season in charge Southgate hasn’t done too badly.... at least we have out performed the bar codes this season...but only just, 43 points is not really a signal for us to start sucking each others d%cks just yet....in fact we can leave that to Manure USA supporters ; )