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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky May 14, 2007 23:14 Flag

    Biggest Club in the NE

    How does finishing 12th in the Premiership all of a sudden make Boro the BIGGEST club in the North East?

    Every season you smoggies come up with some cock and bull reason why you should be recognised in this way?

    Even when NUFC finished 7th the other season and you lot were kicking about near the foot of the Premiership table, you smoggies were claiming then to be a bigger club because you'd been in the UEFA Cup final that season! PMSL

    I'm more than sure that all those fumes from the smog in Teesside, give you lot delusions of grandeur & tunnel vision.

    Two point with whats usually argued on these boards about what makes you a BIG club, what you've won in footballing history and your fanbase.

    NUFC have been TOP division Champions 4 times in their history, even as long ago as it was (before the heckles from you lot start) is something that BORO has NEVER ACHIEVED!

    You Smoggys go on about all the Cup finals you've been in, well! sorry! Boro have only WON ONE cup EVER, and thats the Carling Cup, (a cup that NUFC would love to win just for the fans alone) but ask your Man United's, Chelsea's and Liverpool's out there, its not that great an achievement.

    But! Boro have won that, and I take nothing away from them for doing so, NUFC would love to win that Cup because Newcastle as a City, would party hard for a fortnight if they did win it! but in the amount of time Boro have existed in footballing history, it was the least to be expected that they win at least ONE thing EVER!

    NUFC have won the FA Cup 6 times and been in 13 FA Cup finals in their history, Boro have NEVER (so far) won the FA Cup EVER in their HISTORY!

    Have Boro ever played Champions league football? NO! they have never finished in the top 4 of the Premiership to qualify for it, funny that! NUFC have quite a few times!

    Whats Boro's highest ever finishing place in the Premiership so far? can the Boro say 2nd place like NUFC can? NO! they cant! can they?

    As for going on about reaching the UEFA Cup final and getting a good spanking in it, yeah! yeah! yeah! thats all good and well, the Fairs Cup is exactly the same competition but NUFC WON that in 1969, they didnt come home beaten & sour men!

    As for support? NUFC get 52,000+ at their home games, Boro are lucky if they can get their small stadium 3/4 full for a home match...

    ...so whos really the biggest f*cking North East Blub then?

    Even Sunderland have a better footballing history and support than Middlesbrough.

    I think NUFC fans can just see the jealousy creeping through in Doug the Smoggy's little message thread, it reeks of fear knowing that NUFC and SAFC will ALWAYS BE CLASSED AS BIGGER NORTH EASTERN CLUBS because of their entire history...

    ...not because of a few 'nearlys' and ONE EVER SUCCESS in the last decade.

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    • Seem to have touched a nerver there Mr Jibba Jabba Fool.

      Just to clarify a few things. Yes last year you finished 7th we 14th. The season before that? Oh we finished 7th and you finished 14th! So you point is lost there.

      Have you see your team win a final? I have.

      Back in 66 England won the world cup. We´ve won f all since then. So in 66 we were great and its nice to look back and think we won it. I didn´t see that win but am proud of it. You should be proud of your clubs history. Cos there´s nothing in the present to be proud of!

      So currently we have achieved more than you in recent history so this makes us a bigger club. Oldham have won the league. Boro haven´t but an Oldham fan won´t say they are a bigger club, they have been. Historically.

      So you run along and try to win the crown back. Look you have a new manager. I´m sure this one will stick around for ages. Just as well he doesn´t take bungs to sign #$%$ players. You could do with a few more of those expensive waste of times in the team.

      Oh yes I nearly forgot you finished 2nd in the league. That makes you the first loser. But weren´t you 13 points clear at Xmas and choked? Err Yep. Caught a nasty fur ball? What an achievement to bottle that. So you have gone from 2nd to 14th and we have gone from the bottom of the football league to higher than you this season and been to twice as many cup finals in the process and won more silverware.

      Can you see why your history is more impressive but right now you are a worse and smaller footballing team?

      To quote from you

      "...so whos really the biggest f*cking North East Blub then?"

      You are. You really are the biggest f*cking North East Blubler.

      100m odd in two season in transfers and you finish 14th. You really are #$%$.

      • 2 Replies to Boro Doug
      • He he.Just found the post by Jibber Jabber the hut.He talks rubbish and every board i'v seen him on.Even accused me of posting derrogatory comments about North East folk.When asked to copy and paste them to prove it he suddenly lost the ability to type.One thing i do like about him though,is the fact that when he posts this rubbish and gets put in his place,he doesn't keep posting and asking for another verbal beating,he runs with his tail between his legs,in other words,he knows when to quit.

      • Yeah, NUFC are just #$%$ enough for Viduka to sign for over your pathetic LITTLE club...

        ...so much for the mighty Boro being the biggest & best club in the north east? (well? according to you idiots) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

        Is this why all your half decent players are running to the exits?

        Boro = sinking ship! glug! glug! glug!

        Boro, bottom 3 material next season, great Championship club in the making! ha ha ha ha!

        Hope Viduka pops a hat-trick in against you turds next season, all us Geordies will laugh ourselves daft at you!

    • ha haha .....Sorry Jabber wockey or whatever you call yerself, that tickled me...a 2000 word rant about when you used to win stuff...ha ha talk about has beens!!

      Like Michael from Sunderland quite rightly said "you are only as good as your last game"....so Boro finished higher than Newcastle in the league.....so what ! accept it, wind your neck back in and stop bleating on about the past.
      As for "delusions of grandeur”. far from it, at the moment all the NE clubs are pretty #$%$..I cannot deny that....but your club is a bit #$%$ than us at the moment, so just swallow it Geordie boy and dry your f%&kin tears.

    • 1969????
      Nearly 40 years ago and still gloating about it??
      My son is 9 and has witnessed us lifting a major trophy AND seen a european cup final!!
      You must be at least 50 to say that if you support newcastle!!

      try asking people less than 60 who the top team really is cos i wouldnt swop Boro for Sunderland OR NUFC as i like my cup FINALS too much!!!!!!