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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jun 8, 2007 14:58 Flag

    Biggest Club in the NE

    Yeah, NUFC are just #$%$ enough for Viduka to sign for over your pathetic LITTLE club...

    ...so much for the mighty Boro being the biggest & best club in the north east? (well? according to you idiots) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Is this why all your half decent players are running to the exits?

    Boro = sinking ship! glug! glug! glug!

    Boro, bottom 3 material next season, great Championship club in the making! ha ha ha ha!

    Hope Viduka pops a hat-trick in against you turds next season, all us Geordies will laugh ourselves daft at you!

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    • Viduka left for the money not for footballing reasons as,at present there is little to choose between both clubs.

    • Hey Mr fool is back.

      If you think Mark Viduka is a top 4 club striker for the next 3 years you have got to be kidding.

      Let me run some stats for you. 101 Boro appearances but only 56 starts in 3 years out of 114 league games not including cups, which for us is normally 15 games a season with replays! 22 of those starts were last year. Then you´re looking at 34 starts in 78 games.

      So this wonder striker isn´t even fit to start 50% of the league games he can play in let alone cup games.

      Now Michael Owen, been there 2 seasons played 15 times? Ahh I now see why you think his fitness is so impressive.

      Biggest Club...Assuming we´re going on last season, we where higher in the league, went futher in the FA Cup, you just signed one of our players. Surely all this says is we had more quality? And are the bigger team.

      The fact that he wants to leave to go to you simply says he needs to check his stats more. Go to Newcastle and win something??? Ha Ha Ha now you really are taking the micky, Mark. They´ve not won anything this century! Let alone been to a final.

      As for Joey the Barton. Can´t wait to see him scrapping with Keron in the semi circle!

      Glug Glug Glug? Sounds like your transfer money headed into big Sam´s pocket doesn´t it?

      So yes it is disappointing for us that he left. But how much more disappointing is it for you that this will be your biggest transfer of the season. A sick note past it striker.

      Sounds in character when you look at it this way, doesn´t it.

      Maybe If I sent Ashley 50p he´s send us Luque.