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  • A Yahoo! User May 31, 2007 18:15 Flag

    Biggest Club in the NE

    Yeah,yeah,whatever you say,yawn #$%$ yawn.i used to suffer from insomnia before you showed up on here with your boring negativity.be honest you numpty,your not interested in football at all,your just giving yourself a bit of a jolly by winding real fans up.now come on kipper boy tell the truth does the nice man in the white coat know that your using his lap top ?,i would like to say that it`s been a pleasure to exchange views with you,.......but it hasn`t.......... so i won`t.please be a nice boy and go irritate someone else,pretty please ?!?!?

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    • Dear Kipperroy ,
      I have to say its great to get a bit of banter on the Boro board, however.... this "inane" (check out the correct spelling Mr Intellect) bickering is now getting a bit tedious.
      How about something a tad more humorous & a bit less negative.
      You keep on about the Northerners having a chip on their shoulders, personally I have always found Davey & Michael (like most of us North East folk) to be amiable and well up for good natured banter even if they are rival supporters. The problem seems to be you mate. I keep seeing you cropping up on various boards and no one has a good word to say about you. It appears you have a hell of a talent for getting right on peoples t!ts…. so I must ask, is it you with the chip on the shoulder???

    • How very dare you Davey.I have no doubt that a chip has never been near your shoulder.But to suggest nee imply i am not interested in football is below the belt.I do however not like Boro for what some might call a trivial reason,but not if ones a dedicated follower of fashion like myself.When i chose my fav team/teams as a small boy,i decided i liked the claret and Blue and hated the white horizontal stripe Boro had on their red shirt....so sadely boro never stood a chance with me. Sorry to break it 2 u.

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      • Are you apologising for the irrational methods you employ in deciding who will be the targets for your negative, boringly predictable opinions ? By the way i thought i had made it fairly clear that i support newcastle utd.Subsequently your dislike for M`bro causes me no distress.I really don`t know what to make of your alleged reasons for disliking M`bro,but suspect that your either stone mad or perhaps your struggling to control your childish tendencies.Either way to be bothered by your opinion,I would need to value your opinion,clearly I do not !Really kipperboy, this is becoming tiresome,do you have anything remotely grown up or interesting to say about football related subjects ? If not,your work here is done,please go and bestow your pearls of wisdom on some other message board. ( PLEASE NOT N.U.F.C. ) p.s. would you maybe consider changing your I.d. to thrush ? it would suit you so much better.