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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 1, 2007 19:46 Flag

    Biggest Club in the NE

    Are you apologising for the irrational methods you employ in deciding who will be the targets for your negative, boringly predictable opinions ? By the way i thought i had made it fairly clear that i support newcastle utd.Subsequently your dislike for M`bro causes me no distress.I really don`t know what to make of your alleged reasons for disliking M`bro,but suspect that your either stone mad or perhaps your struggling to control your childish tendencies.Either way to be bothered by your opinion,I would need to value your opinion,clearly I do not !Really kipperboy, this is becoming tiresome,do you have anything remotely grown up or interesting to say about football related subjects ? If not,your work here is done,please go and bestow your pearls of wisdom on some other message board. ( PLEASE NOT N.U.F.C. ) p.s. would you maybe consider changing your I.d. to thrush ? it would suit you so much better.