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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 8, 2007 19:51 Flag

    Biggest Club in the NE

    Dougy,dougy,dougy,inspite of everything you said ,and yes there was some truth in,there you really do need to get those blinkers off. yes we`ve had many bad signings ie.players who weren`t prepared to try eg. babayaro,carr,luque etc and those who were continually "injured" owen,duff,dyer,actually carr,babayaro and luque qualify for this reason also and then those who simply weren`t good enough bramble,boumsong, oneyewu (on loan)luque carr and babayaro again.then the managers,firstly souness,who was a strange one.even now when i see him on t.v.as a pundit i still think he speaks a lot of sense,he seems to appreciate good football and appears to know a good player when he sees one.yet in his time at our place our football was dull,negative and grim to watch.then we had the unfortunate glen roeder and to be fair to him he was an honourable and decent man but not a motivator of men. i firmly believe that we`ve finally got the right man to take us forward and with a new owner in place things can only get better.i don`t blame you for rubbing it in about finishing higher than us this season,but be honest neither of us would be happy to finish that low next season.i agree with a lot of what you said about viduka,i`d hoped we`d go for eidur gudjonson who`s apparently unsettled at barcelona ? i`m very happy with joey barton,he`s a "winner" and if his energy can be channelled correctly he`ll be a hell of a player.if he occasionally chins a lazy #$%$ on the training field thats great by me,afterall it`s the lazy #$%$s we both need out of our clubs,not the joey bartons.we need a couple of full backs and a centre half ( tal ben haim ? ) and it`s then onwards and upwards.obviously it would be fab and groovy to win things or even to be in contention,but realistically i`d settle for a season of decent entertaining football,played by players who are genuinely trying coz by god we had some dross to put up with last year.......keep the faith dougy and you cjmalboro...........p.s. do you think these rose tinted glasses suit me or do they make me seem just a tad less manly ?

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    • Davey,

      I think Barton is a winner too. However I still think he´ll fight with Dyer when Dyer suggests they both tag his sister though.

      Jibberish wrote a few comments, I wrote a few back.

      There´s no need to get all defensive over me teasin your friend. He doesn´t seem to have the ability to come back from any comments but has loads of intelligence to say things like "turd".

      With you standing up for your man so quickly maybe those rose glasses imply something else about you?