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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jun 9, 2007 18:09 Flag

    Biggest Club in the NE

    PMLS lads, I am enjoying the banter here these days, Douggie sounding all internet hard, and Davey being Mr diplomacy.

    Its good to see some posters on these boards, all with different points of view, and certainly degrees of intelligence, who are not stuck up each others "Bourneville boulevard" like on the Man USA board. Even Kipperboy & Jabbba gob stirring things up now & then adds a bit of life to the threads and provokes a response.

    So a mediocre, ageing, injury prone striker heads up the A19 from one mediocre team to another….lets keep things in perspective eh.
    It really doesn’t amount to more than a #$%$ contest though does it, both our teams are #$%$ of late and have played disappointing football but are going through transitional periods (that doesn’t mean wearing women’s clothes and sporting a tampon Davey) and both sets of supporters are looking forward to better times. Rightly so, ambition is a good thing and the North East deserves some good results for the supporters wearing "rose tinted glasses" to shout about.

    It’s a new century lads so at least one of us might win something in the next 100 years
    Imagine how many glory supporters would suddenly head East and start affecting a NE accent.