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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jun 4, 2007 20:33 Flag


    Porritt, Nathan is the youngster you´re thinking of. No news about where he is off too. Thought he would have moved by now to be honest, probably can´t decide whether to take the 200k contract or the 250k at another club at 17! Not a bad life is it?

    Nervous on Vids? Not really still believe he´ll sign. He´s a Boro lad now and he just thinks its funny to string you along so you waste time chasing him and lose out on other targets! (I hope)

    Who would I have from NUFC.

    Given, great keeper, we need someone to push Schwarz and keep him awake.

    Defenders, none! And glad we never signed Gooch

    Midfielders: there a a few who are appealing but then if you factor in the sic note and treatment table, lots seem less attractive.

    Duff-don´t need him got Stewie and Jinky Johnson

    I´d like Milner for the right side.

    Dyer - likes diamonds and group sex with blokes too much, (that´s a negative in my book Geordie Boy), too much time off sick.

    Emre- solid little man in middle, good player

    Parker/Barton who knows??? Both are good midfields, for Boro I´d rather have Barton, little bit more me(n)tal in the team.

    Up front.

    Owen: it would be a nice thing but he´ll never play 2 seasons uninjured again so is there really any point for a team that isn´t in the top 4????

    Martins - looks quality, very similar to Yak. A shot like the Addias Preditor game on the original PS, anyone remember that one?

    Sibiersk was a player I thought we might actualy go for considering he´s out of contract and had a good season. Maybe a shade to old for what we are looking for at the mment but another good player.

    Player I would want least?

    Luque - Imported expensive #$%$ Less heart than Rocky, more expensive than Mass and less goals than Branco!

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    • Hey up Davey lad, looks like you’s have got Viduka by all accounts and he only has to put pen to paper. Good luck with him, the guy is sheer class when he wants to be and has scored some crackers for us.
      I agree with what you say about his energy levels and it would be easy to be bitter & slate him for leaving, but he can turn a game around in a second, one minute he is wandering around scratching his arse and eating a Mars bar, defenders take their eye of him and f%&k me the fat f&%/ker has scored- would do a straight swap with him for Owen (you can have Rochembach thrown in too)
      Would have Milner, Dyer, Parker & Emre.
      Taylor too

      Martins up front
      Shay of course

      Wouldn’t be keen on Duff now, I thought he might do well for your mob but he hasn’t looked the same player since Blackburn sold him for 17 million.