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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jun 5, 2007 19:54 Flag


    Its Official, Viduka signed for Newcastle this afternoon.

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    • Well,

      What will He win there, other than two years that is on his contract that Boro did not want to give him.
      It is all down to money for Vid and good luck to him.
      Big Sam knows Vid is not a 90 min in every week player as did the Boro.
      Vid takes time with a knock to recover and he is older now.
      A good deal for Newcastle as he will struggle for a place and also provide no more than lets say 7 goals for you.
      Can we sell you Yakuba also???
      A good move by Gareth to look like he wants Vid instead of showing him the door.
      An even greater move to convince arch rival Newcastle Vid is the Man, you mugs, hook line and sinker Sam.
      Vid will produce his weekly salary on the massage table my friend.

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      • Nice message Shaun,

        I can´t think of a season where he hasn´t been missing for some reason or another. The only problem being is this year is his longest stint uninjured and also his best playing performances!

        I still want him to stay. Should NUFC be as big as they think they are I think Dukes is a backwards signing, hardly progressive and bold is it? Issues with pace and effort and also he can disappear in games for long stretches.

        Having said that should he stay I´d be more than happy. He is a quality striker and as Fulham found out he can still score great goals.

        He may still be a Boro player and want to sign for us. No quotes have come out of the player or his agent saying he will go just a story run by websites saying that he will go. There is still hope no matter how deluded I am!

        I´m surprised West Ham haven´t offered him 100k a week to play, they pay Lucas Neil 60! Cheque book football at its best. They couldn´t even bribe Barton with a cool mill to play for them!

        Why do you want rid of Yak? I apprecaite that post christmas he can´t score but over the last 4 years he´s second in total prem goals scored only being beaten by Henry (and then Van Nis. when he was still at United)? That isn´t a bad player to have in your team.

      • DEAR SHAUN, HELL HATH NO WRATH LIKE A SMOGGIE SCORNED.! Interesting interpretation of the facts though but....... never let the truth get in the way of a good rant. guess you won`t give him a warm round of applause at the riverside next season then ? assuming he plays of course.Has he seen the queue for the treatment room up here ? a man could be out for a year with a bad hand (of dominoes).never mind you`ll be happy when darren bent signs next week.( HONEST )