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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jun 8, 2007 14:52 Flag


    One or two really sour comments coming from some of the smoggies on here, just because Viduka has chosen to join NUFC. (boo hoo!)

    So much for the chemically infected twonk who was posting comments about Boro being the biggest club in the north east on here...

    ...Yeah! it really shows how big Boro are! thats why your star players are starting to head for the exit door, and EVERY AVAILABLE PLAYER IS RACING TO JOIN Boro? isnt it? (note the sarcasm)

    I though this was interesting too;

    Mark Jensen, editor of fanzine The Mag, said: "When you hear what Middlesbrough fans are saying about Viduka coming to Newcastle, it says a lot about him as a player.

    "He was the difference between them finishing in a respectable position in the table instead of really struggling in a relegation battle, and they are not happy at all about him leaving.


    So when your heckling Viduka on here, us Geordies know its only because your bitter that someone is trying to better themselves, and join a much bigger football club, and play in a stadium stuffed to the brim with fantastic supporters.

    Without Viduka's goals keeping you in the league, hopefully Boro will finish bottom of the Premiership & be relegated, fingers crossed on that one.

    Cheers for your star striker Smogs, although I'm no big fan of his, I'll be cheering him on next season, especially when he plays against Boro. Ha ha ha ha ha!