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  • Andy Andy Jun 8, 2007 18:20 Flag


    The king is dead, long live the king! Lets not let it get to us too much my fellow Boro fans, as Kieth Lamb said we have lost greats in the past and managed to replace them and succeed where they failed. Lets look at Ravanelli who in theory was a better striker than Vid (on a goal ratio) he left and what happened? We adapted and became a better team! The same can be applied to Merson, Juninho, Emerson and Boksic (erm ok joking on the last one! lol) they all left, it was doom and gloom but we came back stronger; won something and had a dream run to a final of a major european cup! So lets pick ourselves up dust ourselves down and prepare for the new season knowing that the club will bring new faces in who may not have Vid's strengths but will provide us with something new that we can ram down the throat of anyone who claims that they are the biggest team in the North East! Until they win something, they can rely on past (past past past) glories, for me its now and the future that counts amd right now we are top dogs! Good Luck Vid and thanks.

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    • Top Dogs?

      Biggest Club in the North East?

      Boro? PMSL

      Come on! thats just sheer laughable stuff, even Darlington & Hartlepool have a better and larger fanbase than you lot!

      Even Blyth Spartans can fill their ground with supporters.

      Unlike you blind fools, Viduka can see whos the bigger and better club, otherwise he'd have extended his contract with you lot if your that huge a success!

      Boro did make Viduka a BETTER offer than what hes getting at St James Park, Viduka has even said it will be great to play infront of 52,000 supporters, which if you think about it, is something that hes never going to experience infront of 52 Smoggies at the Riverside on a Saturday Afternoon.

      Boro = Championship side come the end of next season, lets see who singing then.

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      • Right then I shall try to keep this simple for the Knuckle scraper;

        Right bonny lad, so what did Newcastle do last season that rates them as the "top dogs" of the North East?

        Answer: F%&K All

        Fact ; Boro were crap last season (see final league position )
        Fact ; Newcastle were crap last season (see final league position)

        Did Newcastle finish higher than Boro ?

        Doesn’t really matter how many turn up to cheer when you play sh·te football like you did last season does it daft arse?

        No, so just dry yer tears kidda and accept it like a f%&king man instead of crying like a bairn.