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  • Jabberwocky Jabberwocky Jun 11, 2007 21:31 Flag


    I think its laughable that the words "clean" & "simple" and "to the point" phrases were used in describing that whinging & pathetic reply to my post!

    I didnt swear with the message I submitted (unless your counting the PMSL?), but its quite clear I strike a nerve with these smoggies, because I get a bite each and every time!

    I'll chuck £20 in too davey, thats a £40 jackpot so far for them should Boro do well next season, but I dont think these guys have the minerals to take up the bet in reality!

    I think these guys already know that NUFC will finish way above them next season, you can read the fear in them, its screaming in volumes in every reply they make.

    "NUFC played terrible football last season", but excuse me? where have I EVER DENIED THIS?

    Whats making me continually laugh is you hypocritical smoggies claiming that your the top North Eastern Club when your clubs playing as equally rubbish football but to a quarter full stadium of part-time fans!!!

    Had it NOT been for Viduka's goals at the end of last season, Boro would have FINISHED BELOW THE TOON! So while you Boro fans are still pretending not to be bitter that Viduka has chosen to sign for the BIGGER North East Club, concentrate more on whos going to replace him!

    I dont want to make you "so-called" Boro fans bite anymore easily than you already do, but I dont recall your team playing UEFA Cup football last season?

    Dont mention pointless things like when Boro lost in the UEFA Cup Final either, who cares? while us Geordies were "Watching the Bill" you got twonked by Seville!!!

    Its a competition that the Toon's won in their history, and Boro havent!