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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jun 12, 2007 15:42 Flag


    Dear Mr Jibber Jabber Fool,

    You have left your self wide open here, I can´t actually be bothered to show you all the holes, you´ll be lost after the first 3 anyway.

    "I think its laughable that the words "clean" & "simple" and "to the point" phrases were used in describing that whinging & pathetic reply to my post!"

    Whinging and pathetic? Surely these words describe a situation where you reply to a post, then reply to your own post again cos you aren´t happy with what you said the first time! Does that sound pathetic...Yes. Whinging....Oh yes!

    My next point is a double one. (Two subjects talked about at once Mr Fool)

    "I think the smoggies on the whole are paying more & more attention to the goings on at St James Park, rather than the goings on at the Riverside!"

    Err you´re discussing this on our board, not the other way around. So that makes you more interested in us. See the irony? PS. That´s not something your mum does with your shirts by the way.

    "You can try the banter road with these lot in here, but people like that smoggy doug fella start taking it all to heart, then get annoyed and post insulting threads on the NUFC board."

    Err I don´t post really post on your board. I´d be interested in see what "I" have written. "then getting annoyed and posting insulting threads" Err pot and kettle, see Mum and shirt comment above.

    My final point Mr Fool, clearly Davey got past his 11+ and has the ability to have a laugh and not rage on these boards and see the funny side of these conversations. But can I just ask?

    Have you ever seen your team win anything?

    Davey: I´ll take you up on the 20 no worries.