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    Good morning middlesbrough and especially to you dougbororobson,cjmalboro and darksmoggie.its that jumped up geordie #$%$ DAVEY1892 here.what do you think of the viduka situation? it seems to be becoming a bit of a nail biter this one fellas.i think he wants to be away to pastures new but i`m not sure if he is what we need at s.j.p. undoubtedly the big fella has got boat loads of skill and as the special one ( lawrie mcmenemy ! ) used to say "bags of ability" but i`m not sure if he runs around enough for for my liking.also his capacity for energy conservation will only increase as he gets older.but if he was to sign for the toon are there any of our lot that you would like in return ? i only ask because i sometimes wonder how opposition/neutral fans rate our players/bunch of underachieving #$%$,not that you lot could normally be relied on to be neutral when it comes to anything to do with n.u.f.c. to get the ball rolling,the boro players i would most like to see in a black and white shirt are : woodgate, ( no suprises there )huth and arca. p.s. whats happening with the young lad,who`s name i can`t remember,but his twatfull agent ( harrison i think ) was touting him about the place ?

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    • Aye me too Davey I"ll have a bit of that, and if you win I will bring it to the boozer next time I am in the UK, of course reciprocated if you can get over to Spain.

      Thickest quote of the decade has to go to Jabberwockey for the following;

      “I think the smoggies on the whole are paying more & more attention to the goings on at St James Park, rather than the goings on at the Riverside!"

      posted on the BORO forum!! ROTFPMSL!!
      Not the best poster boy for Newcastle’s IQ levels are you Jabber son?

      Now Jabber, this is banter, watch carefully, don't let your mind wander - it's far too little to be let out alone

      " See the irony? PS. That’s not something your mum does with your shirts by the way."

      (Nice quote from Douggie)

      Now try to respond to this post with something light-hearted and humorous,
      But, remember in future, never enter a battle of wits unarmed.

    • Dear Mr Jibber Jabber Fool,

      You have left your self wide open here, I can´t actually be bothered to show you all the holes, you´ll be lost after the first 3 anyway.

      "I think its laughable that the words "clean" & "simple" and "to the point" phrases were used in describing that whinging & pathetic reply to my post!"

      Whinging and pathetic? Surely these words describe a situation where you reply to a post, then reply to your own post again cos you aren´t happy with what you said the first time! Does that sound pathetic...Yes. Whinging....Oh yes!

      My next point is a double one. (Two subjects talked about at once Mr Fool)

      "I think the smoggies on the whole are paying more & more attention to the goings on at St James Park, rather than the goings on at the Riverside!"

      Err you´re discussing this on our board, not the other way around. So that makes you more interested in us. See the irony? PS. That´s not something your mum does with your shirts by the way.

      "You can try the banter road with these lot in here, but people like that smoggy doug fella start taking it all to heart, then get annoyed and post insulting threads on the NUFC board."

      Err I don´t post really post on your board. I´d be interested in see what "I" have written. "then getting annoyed and posting insulting threads" Err pot and kettle, see Mum and shirt comment above.

      My final point Mr Fool, clearly Davey got past his 11+ and has the ability to have a laugh and not rage on these boards and see the funny side of these conversations. But can I just ask?

      Have you ever seen your team win anything?

      Davey: I´ll take you up on the 20 no worries.

    • I wouldnt dare smile at these lot! They'd probably steal my teeth!

      Teessiders are reknowned for nicking stuff to get their drug money, nearly as much as the scousers!

      You can try the banter road with these lot in here, but people like that smoggy doug fella start taking it all to heart, then get annoyed and post insulting threads on the NUFC board.

      Smoggys wouldnt know banter if it leapt out of a giant cake and shouted "surprise!".

    • Always thought you were a decent chap Davey---especially for a geordie well said,

    • hang on a minute jabber,me lad, i`m only on here for a bit o` crack.i`ve got no axe to grind with these fellas.keep it light hearted and accept that this lot have the same values and loyalties as us, only for a different team.show them some respect and you`ll maybe get some in return.you never know we may even have a laugh or two.try this out,me granny used to say,if you come across somebody without a smile ,give them one of yours.............go on give it a go.

    • Infact, I'm starting to think Boro fans are nearly getting as bitter as the Mackems, when it comes to their fans heckling NUFC!

      We all know the highlight of a mackem's week is if the Toon happen to lose a game, thats the difference between geordies and mackems, geordies dont really care about the other "so-called" rivals.

      I think the smoggies on the whole are paying more & more attention to the goings on at St James Park, rather than the goings on at the Riverside!

      Smoggies? "ARE YOU MACKEMS IN DISGUISE?" you plastic wannabe North Easterners! ha ha ha ha!

    • I think its laughable that the words "clean" & "simple" and "to the point" phrases were used in describing that whinging & pathetic reply to my post!

      I didnt swear with the message I submitted (unless your counting the PMSL?), but its quite clear I strike a nerve with these smoggies, because I get a bite each and every time!

      I'll chuck £20 in too davey, thats a £40 jackpot so far for them should Boro do well next season, but I dont think these guys have the minerals to take up the bet in reality!

      I think these guys already know that NUFC will finish way above them next season, you can read the fear in them, its screaming in volumes in every reply they make.

      "NUFC played terrible football last season", but excuse me? where have I EVER DENIED THIS?

      Whats making me continually laugh is you hypocritical smoggies claiming that your the top North Eastern Club when your clubs playing as equally rubbish football but to a quarter full stadium of part-time fans!!!

      Had it NOT been for Viduka's goals at the end of last season, Boro would have FINISHED BELOW THE TOON! So while you Boro fans are still pretending not to be bitter that Viduka has chosen to sign for the BIGGER North East Club, concentrate more on whos going to replace him!

      I dont want to make you "so-called" Boro fans bite anymore easily than you already do, but I dont recall your team playing UEFA Cup football last season?

      Dont mention pointless things like when Boro lost in the UEFA Cup Final either, who cares? while us Geordies were "Watching the Bill" you got twonked by Seville!!!

      Its a competition that the Toon's won in their history, and Boro havent!

    • The king is dead, long live the king! Lets not let it get to us too much my fellow Boro fans, as Kieth Lamb said we have lost greats in the past and managed to replace them and succeed where they failed. Lets look at Ravanelli who in theory was a better striker than Vid (on a goal ratio) he left and what happened? We adapted and became a better team! The same can be applied to Merson, Juninho, Emerson and Boksic (erm ok joking on the last one! lol) they all left, it was doom and gloom but we came back stronger; won something and had a dream run to a final of a major european cup! So lets pick ourselves up dust ourselves down and prepare for the new season knowing that the club will bring new faces in who may not have Vid's strengths but will provide us with something new that we can ram down the throat of anyone who claims that they are the biggest team in the North East! Until they win something, they can rely on past (past past past) glories, for me its now and the future that counts amd right now we are top dogs! Good Luck Vid and thanks.

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      • Top Dogs?

        Biggest Club in the North East?

        Boro? PMSL

        Come on! thats just sheer laughable stuff, even Darlington & Hartlepool have a better and larger fanbase than you lot!

        Even Blyth Spartans can fill their ground with supporters.

        Unlike you blind fools, Viduka can see whos the bigger and better club, otherwise he'd have extended his contract with you lot if your that huge a success!

        Boro did make Viduka a BETTER offer than what hes getting at St James Park, Viduka has even said it will be great to play infront of 52,000 supporters, which if you think about it, is something that hes never going to experience infront of 52 Smoggies at the Riverside on a Saturday Afternoon.

        Boro = Championship side come the end of next season, lets see who singing then.

    • As an Australian and Boro fan I was dissapointed that Viduka has gone to the Toon. However, he is getting on a bit and with a new fat contract he might just take it a bit easier. Less running, more injuries but with the odd spectacular goal probably against the Boro just to keep the fans interested. A big expensive risk for the Geordies. At least the Boro know where they stand now. Doesn't he keep his best form for the few months before his contact expires? Time will tell.

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      • Too true Dave, you also have taken the philosophical view, as have many Boro fans on here. As far as I can see there is only one or two bitter posts on this thread lamenting his departure, yes we would like him to stay but at the end of it all he is getting on, injury prone etc etc and perhaps its a blessing in disguise.

        With regards to the previous poster;

        Sorry MR Jabber gob, I shall translate all that into a language you can understand;

        Ugg Ug UGGG UG UGGGA binga bong way aye man.

    • One or two really sour comments coming from some of the smoggies on here, just because Viduka has chosen to join NUFC. (boo hoo!)

      So much for the chemically infected twonk who was posting comments about Boro being the biggest club in the north east on here...

      ...Yeah! it really shows how big Boro are! thats why your star players are starting to head for the exit door, and EVERY AVAILABLE PLAYER IS RACING TO JOIN Boro? isnt it? (note the sarcasm)

      I though this was interesting too;

      Mark Jensen, editor of fanzine The Mag, said: "When you hear what Middlesbrough fans are saying about Viduka coming to Newcastle, it says a lot about him as a player.

      "He was the difference between them finishing in a respectable position in the table instead of really struggling in a relegation battle, and they are not happy at all about him leaving.


      So when your heckling Viduka on here, us Geordies know its only because your bitter that someone is trying to better themselves, and join a much bigger football club, and play in a stadium stuffed to the brim with fantastic supporters.

      Without Viduka's goals keeping you in the league, hopefully Boro will finish bottom of the Premiership & be relegated, fingers crossed on that one.

      Cheers for your star striker Smogs, although I'm no big fan of his, I'll be cheering him on next season, especially when he plays against Boro. Ha ha ha ha ha!

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