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  • I'm not a Geordie you cheeky swine. I was simply stating my opinion on the Viduka situation. I would have posted it on "Australian Traitors" but after the 4th post on or so it just turns into insults etc so thought I'd put my post at the top of a new one. Sorry about that Dougie Boy - you obviously take your message board very seriously.
    Also, I agree with you with Newcastle past managing decisions, but now that Shepherd is out, it looks like it might start going in the right direction there.
    Good luck on being the lowest North East team next season.

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    • Then I stand corrected.

      Just cos they remove one swine but install another and sign more doesn´t mean they´ll improve. As Souness said they are a big club with even bigger problems. He should know he caused some of them.

      As for finishing bottom of the 3 NE clubs, we´ve finshed top 2 out of the last 3 seasons. There is a trend developing and we aren´t at the bottom.