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  • GANNNON DOUGY,THE RIVERSIDE ROTTWEILER STRIKES AGAIN !the names have been changed to add a bit of interest but sadly it`s the same old story.i think viduka said he left for a new challenge.i guess he thinks,all things considered, he`s got a better deal for himself at newcastle than the one he was offered by m`bro.money will undoubtedly play a big part in his decision.but and heres the rub, he has also stated that he`s looking forward to playing in front of a home crowd of 52,000....................his words not mine ! i think we should believe him.

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    • If he players more than 50% of your games I´ll be surprised. #$%$ it anyway we have now a Braveheart! 7 years younger, 10 sec quicker in a 100m sprint and keen to have more than just a final swan song.

      At 25 Tuncay is a team building with the future in mind. At 32 Viduka is a stop gap to try to give the fans one season to cheer about, an expensive season.

      52,000 people who´ve not seen silverware in 50 odd years, man that must be such an honour to play in front of.

      Few years ago there was a 6 year waiting list for your season tickets. Some went spare last year didn´t they?

      Rottweiler? If people are clever enough to write #$%$ on our boards they´ve got to expect #$%$ back. Come on, a whole string entitled Aussie Traitors and matey starts another called Viduka and has the same pop at us???!!!! Hardly clever is it?

      Is that why you wear black and white, so when you look at the photos of when you last won something you know which team was yours?

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      • so thats where my rose coloured glasses went ? and by the way 1969 was 38 years ago not 50odd.if your gonna be twisty,get the numbers right,it`s all about next season dougy,you`ll get points for wins and draws, history is irrelevant...........and i need no pictures to remind me of which team is mine,i`ll just need to look out for a big fat australian geezer( could that be why he moved,they do say that vertical stripes make you look thinner ? )Anyway shut the f*ck up you`ll have the last laugh with michael owen.do your family call you victor,as in meldrew ?