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  • Viduka has left Boro for two reasons - one is Southgate is toss, you can't seriously rate him as a manager. If I had a choice between Allardyce (Bungs or not) or a softarse, unproven manager like Southgate, I'd go to Newcastle.
    The second reason is ambition - if Boro really wanted Viduka they'd have given him a contract last season instead of waiting to see how he would perform. Secondly, Newcastle have bought arguably Man City's best player and now they've taken Boro's. Look at players Boro are linked with ie. Collins John etc. Seems Boro sign players other teams don't need and Newcastle are buying players who are the best at other clubs.

    At least you've got Woodgate - so every cloud.

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    • Can´t blame the lad for wanting a 300k loyalty bonus payment after having had a release cause triggered in his contract cos he stabbed a cigar in a youth team players eye when #$%$ and kicked the #$%$ out of a team mate during training.

      Seems fair to me.

      Least he didn´t scrap in the semi circle cos his girlfriend dumped him and no one was passing him the ball......

    • GANNNON DOUGY,THE RIVERSIDE ROTTWEILER STRIKES AGAIN !the names have been changed to add a bit of interest but sadly it`s the same old story.i think viduka said he left for a new challenge.i guess he thinks,all things considered, he`s got a better deal for himself at newcastle than the one he was offered by m`bro.money will undoubtedly play a big part in his decision.but and heres the rub, he has also stated that he`s looking forward to playing in front of a home crowd of 52,000....................his words not mine ! i think we should believe him.

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      • If he players more than 50% of your games I´ll be surprised. #$%$ it anyway we have now a Braveheart! 7 years younger, 10 sec quicker in a 100m sprint and keen to have more than just a final swan song.

        At 25 Tuncay is a team building with the future in mind. At 32 Viduka is a stop gap to try to give the fans one season to cheer about, an expensive season.

        52,000 people who´ve not seen silverware in 50 odd years, man that must be such an honour to play in front of.

        Few years ago there was a 6 year waiting list for your season tickets. Some went spare last year didn´t they?

        Rottweiler? If people are clever enough to write #$%$ on our boards they´ve got to expect #$%$ back. Come on, a whole string entitled Aussie Traitors and matey starts another called Viduka and has the same pop at us???!!!! Hardly clever is it?

        Is that why you wear black and white, so when you look at the photos of when you last won something you know which team was yours?

    • Dear Chubby,

      Thanks for your kind words about our team. However you have been fooled by a more intelligent NUFC fan, one with half a brain.

      You see he started a Viduka style string with the term FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN TRAITORS (hint refering to someone you´ve recently signed). Although it was the start of something constructive at the time, it´s now degenerated via another NUFC fan.

      At the bottom of this string (FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN TRAITORS)we´re questioning the intelligence of NUFC fans in general and low and behold, during a string talking about Viduka, you go and start another one. Clearly missing the point that FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN TRAITORS maybe a good place to comment on FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN TRAITORS. Bless

      A NUFC fan talking about rating our manager? Err how many have you had in the last 8 years??? Oh yes maybe this means you are an expert, in spotting #$%$ ones ones. Especailly ones that finished above you in the league, in his first season, with no qualifications, going further in the cups and improved on our last league position?

      Did you go up or down the league?

      "soft #$%$ unproven" Rhoder got WH relegated with 7 full England squad memebers in the team. Proven to be #$%$ or what? Oh yeah, he was, again.

      And on the subject of offering players contracts when you don´t know how they will perform. Ah yes you are an expert here to.....

      Look which players you are linked with..... well we were linked with Gooch last season but we said no cos he was #$%$. Oh yes you signed him didn´t you? Then sent him back cos he was..... Shall I list some other poor signings?

      Lets chat about Owen shall we. 17 appearances in 2 years and he looks like he´s off! Your manager has said he cannot do anything to stop him leaving ie he´s off. With Viduka our manager said he wanted to keep him. Can you see the difference in attitude here? Maybe that one will miss you by. Oh yeah, spent 17m to buy him can only get 9m back roughly 500,000 a game not including wages! Great buy!

      Chuffed to bits with Woodgate though, make him captain I say.

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      • I'm not a Geordie you cheeky swine. I was simply stating my opinion on the Viduka situation. I would have posted it on "Australian Traitors" but after the 4th post on or so it just turns into insults etc so thought I'd put my post at the top of a new one. Sorry about that Dougie Boy - you obviously take your message board very seriously.
        Also, I agree with you with Newcastle past managing decisions, but now that Shepherd is out, it looks like it might start going in the right direction there.
        Good luck on being the lowest North East team next season.