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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Jul 7, 2007 00:00 Flag

    Mad dog Pogatetz website

    Quality, so theres more to the guy than just snapping peoples bones. Great player for us though..I reckon he will kick a few lumps out of Viduka next season.

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    • Aye,aye charlie,he`ll never catch him. apparently he`s at least two yards quicker than he was last season,thanks to newcastle`s vastly superior training methods and big sam`s psychology training.apparently 5 minutes into every game sam will shout hey fatty their goalie has nicked your wallet ! just you watch the fat b*st*rd go then.........geddoooot the way......open them gates ! by the way don`t you think theres an awful lot of teams spending an awful lot of money.standards are gonna be higher next year, i`m worried that if other teams are getting better and we`re just maintaining previous standards ( DROSS ) we could be in trouble,especially your lot.wadda ya think ?

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      • Davey,LOL. He is only 2 yards quicker cos his belly is 2 yards bigger.... I reckon Viduka will run faster if you tell him the goalie nicked his pork pie.
        Yes the team spending this year is worrying, every time I open the paper there’s another club being bought by foreign devils with a 50 squillion to buy new players...you lads cant be worried though, Big Sam is flashing some cash & you only have to read a few posts to realise that there is a greater expectation round SJP this year(Daft tw@ts); )
        Boro on the other hand have players who sincerely love the club and are not in it purely for financial gain...(tries to keep a straight face) our lads pull on the colours out of sheer love for the supporters, and that my friend is priceless.

        Ha ha ahahah ha ha ha ha sorry I couldn’t keep it in any longer.