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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jul 16, 2007 21:40 Flag


    Sorry ain´t got much time to chat today but I´m quite happy with the progress so far, clearly looking for more though. You spend 50m ever season and go backwards so I´m not worried there either. So will answer you with a bit more venom soon.

    Franck is ok I just think he´s a bit pf a prick to leave how he did to go play football at Fulham. Regardless of our debate, not really a step up is it? Plus they finished lower in the league again. Now he´s fallen out with the manager due to the type of football they play. &"%&ing French.

    It´s Svetlana and no she doesn´t. My mates (one real, one make believe) have already asked this question. She won´t even ask her friends to come with her when she visits - I actually asked her if she would on request from another mate (real).

    No harm in asking though is there?