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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jul 24, 2007 00:47 Flag


    Hi Davey,

    How´s tricks? Enjoying the rain? You boys getting much?(rain)

    It´s quite hot and sunny over in on the south coast of Spain. To get wet I need to jump in a swimming pool or stand in the sun for more then 10 mins and I´m dripping!

    You need to save up some cash and get over here on your holidays!

    Sorry couldn´t resist.

    Transfers was the subject wasn´t it?

    How is old Joey doing anyway. Settling in well? The club I laugh more at though with injuries is West Ham. Can they buy anyone who isn´t a crock? Including their new pants man Freddie. Ohhh my knees ache.....must be my teeth then!

    From the French man, to Ashton and Upson, all have been money well spent so far. At least the Frenchman got more football under his belt before being injured. I think he´s got a full 60min of playing time before he was out for 6 months. I suppose Upson´s 45mins were for West Ham in their colours though

    I´m please to see Luke Young potentially coming to Boro. Good player entering his pro peak. And for a greatly reduced fee that WH were quoted just over a year ago. Old Gareth seems to have a good eye for the bargin buys, leaving Euell out of this discussion!

    Hopefully the french sulk mk II will have ended his petulant ways and will come good for the Boro. He is an amazing talent hopefully he will realise it with us.

    The Turk is going to set the Prem on fire! Mark my words (Mark who?).

    And with JW signing on full time its been a transfer season of some success for us so far.

    What else do we still need?
    Goal Keeper to replace Moaning Mark II.

    Another right midfielder. Turk to play up front or right side? Probably right side from what´s been said so far.

    Central attacking midfielder would be nice too.

    Who needs to go:

    Mendi- get him off the wages!!!!

    Rocky???? Has he decided to play for us yet?

    #$%$ #$%$-marketing ploy or can he really play football?

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    • Bloody Hell Doug has awoke...
      Sack Rochembach the fella is a waste of skin.
      Sign Alan Smith and play him in Midfield as a replacement for Boateng who is farly old and decrepid.
      Right I am offski for the day(I must go for a swim in the pool this heat is terrible ; )
      Some of us have reasonable bosses who let us leave early not like that French dictator you work for Doug.

      • 2 Replies to Boro CJ
      • Lads , lads , lads, here`s me grafting my nuts off and you lot taking the piss cos your loafing in the current bun.as if that`s not bad enough Joey,big cigar,barton is out for six weeks.i believe we will regret loosing out on steve sidwell.....damm that effin russian ( oops sorry doug,much respect to svetlana ) we could have let the enigma,dyer go had we got sidwell`s signature b 4 roeder left. the crack is he had shook hands with mumbling glen,but backed out when the fat controller swung his axe ( thankfully for the last time )am i rambling here ? Anyway i`m not as confident as i was last week about the coming season.hopefully if doug is correct in his calculations we`ve still got another 43 million to spend,but we need to get a move on. Up the boro ( as in right up the boro ! )hope you both get sunstroke.................yours bitter and twistedly,DAVEY 1892