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  • Lads , lads , lads, here`s me grafting my nuts off and you lot taking the piss cos your loafing in the current bun.as if that`s not bad enough Joey,big cigar,barton is out for six weeks.i believe we will regret loosing out on steve sidwell.....damm that effin russian ( oops sorry doug,much respect to svetlana ) we could have let the enigma,dyer go had we got sidwell`s signature b 4 roeder left. the crack is he had shook hands with mumbling glen,but backed out when the fat controller swung his axe ( thankfully for the last time )am i rambling here ? Anyway i`m not as confident as i was last week about the coming season.hopefully if doug is correct in his calculations we`ve still got another 43 million to spend,but we need to get a move on. Up the boro ( as in right up the boro ! )hope you both get sunstroke.................yours bitter and twistedly,DAVEY 1892