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  • Nowt happening across on the n.u.f.c. board.it`s like watching paint dry,but you lot know all about that. c`mon dougy fancy a bit of a row,bit of a pre-season friendly row ?.........just to get us wahm`d up lyke. you know it makes sense ......... unlike yourself ! ( that should get the ball rolling nicely. )

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    • Scientists have recently discovered that if Alexander Litvinenko had been from Teesside he would have actually survived being poisoned. Growing up in Middlesbrough has left me with immunity from 99.9% of all known diseases and has seen me in good stead for my previous occupations such as sewer worker in Calcutta, gas tester in Iraq and food taster for Bernard Mathews.

    • One of the major places that they found the old Pluto poison was a bar called Tinkoffs (Tinkovs not sure)I was eating there a month before matey got poisoned and went there again when I was there last. It is right next to the British Embassy. A couple of my mates got hammered in there all day. It´s a micro brewery as well and they were giving away table barrels like there was no tomorrow. Bit of the old cross contamination????? Who knows.

      The lights didn´t work in the bogs when I had a #$%$ there. Fortunately my bright green urine soon brightened up the place!

    • Yeah,that only leaves me with two or three, i`m gonna have to be carefull it seems.probably be a long time b.4 i get to use them for football reasons again.Ho hum.

    • Well if even Dougie managed to pull in Moscow there could be hope for you too Davey....but didnt you lads trade your passports in after last season ?
      O well looks like its "Whitley Baywatch" again.

    • Skegness ?..........my #$%$ ,after the result you`ve had it`s moscow or bust for me.by the way if you numptys ever get into europe again,now there`s a big ask ! what will your bird do if you get drawn against a bunch of ruskies ? f*ck me doug if gordon broon doesn`t calm down.....calm down....... you could end up getting expelled the next time your over.But there again they only expell diplomats so you`d probably be safe as we all know, you couldn`t be diplomatic to save your life ! ! ! !

    • Funny you should mention golf Davey, The safest place for you right now, with all this rain, thunder and lightening in the UK, is out on a course with a 2 iron raised above your head. Lets face it not even God can hit a 2 iron!

      Me? I´m sat in my shorts, no T-shirt it´s too hot, air con on. Think I might have an ice cream and sit by the pool for 5 mins to cool off after my 2 hour lunch.

      Where are you going for your annual week holiday? Skeggie? Or splashing out on Western?

      Dyer to West Ham? Fits their fitness policy quite nicely. WH should have upped their offer to Viduka even more then changed names to Sick Note United. Lucky Barton turned down the extra mill a year on offer there and went to you boys after all eh?

    • P.S. by the way doug,you seem obsessed by the size of our respective clubs. but i`m sure if you talk to svetlana about it she will confirm what all golfers already know ................it`s not the size of your club that matters it`s more the way that you swing it ! ! ! ! he he .

    • Been travelling lots Davey, back on it. What do you want to #$%$ about?


      Size of clubs?


      Recent trophies? Ahh you´ve got nothing to talk about on this subject do you?

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      • My concern is if we don`t resume hostilities soon ( verbal )we`re liable to be nominated for the nobel peace prize.Looking at what your lot have signed so far I don`t think you can have much confidence that next season will be any better than last season.whereas the toon squad is beginning to look a bit more ballanced.A decent left back and a quality central defender should bring our squad upto somewhere near where it needs to be.Is frank quedrue any good by the way.I always thought that he was reasonable in posession of the ball but he never looked comfortable against a quick wide player.even so he`d be miles better than the fraud babayaro.

    • Douggies in Russia this week Davey, he met a girlie over there and has flown back to meet her. I am offski myself have a good weekender.