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  • Aye aye doug,Sams just gettin rid of the dead wood where dyer`s concerned.I`d be sorry to see nobby leave ( again ) the man`s a quality player and a proper good bloke.Sadly it seems his wife has f*ck*d orf to london with his kids,bit of a divorce going on there.Me dad always said rather than get married,find a woman you don`t like and buy her a house,it`ll save time in the long run. With regard to Owen,I wish he`d gone in the summer,can`t see him ever being fit enough to be the player we thought we were buying...........borrowing,afterall he`s been out for the best part of 2 years..........sssh,just a minute,I`m sure I could hear somebody laughing just then............Maybe not !..... Anyway what was I saying ,Oh aye that was it,do you have that old record walk like an egyptian ? apparently roy keane is looking for a copy ! he he . see ya at the riverside,aug 26th.......your not ganna like it...