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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Aug 27, 2007 17:44 Flag

    Civilised behaviour

    How´s the hangover Davey.

    The crushing? Did not quite happen did it?

    Starting to realise the limited potential of your team. If you can´t beat a team as "poor" as Boro after all the cash that has been splashed. Just goes to show you doesn´t it.

    Played off the ball in the second half. Second to every tackle. Couldn´t win 2 headers. Lucky by score to individual goals. As a team, poor second rate and still not performing to the standards the fans think they are at.

    Boro on the other hand, started slowly and slimply gew into the game. Unlucky with the first goal, a great shot from a position you would not be normally worried about. Only to be bettered by Mido and his amazingly timed run, he went round the keeper as if he was your under 13 lad out there playing.

    The second half. Think Sam forgot to send you out. Too busy working out who he still needs to sign to try to make you better than us!

    All Boro, till fat boy scanks a turn and shot, Only for a goal to be scored by an amazing bit of control, by a formerMacam, Arca steps up and slots in a beauty.

    2 more defenders needed. Ontop of the 2 already wanted.

    But thanks for all your kind words before the game. You team really is second best in the North East.