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  • viwer viwer Aug 3, 2007 16:05 Flag

    Civilised behaviour

    News that poor Kieron Dyer(80 grand a week would you believe?) had his mansion pelted with eggs just goes to show how restrained and civilised the citizens of Newcastle are having put up with this waste of space for 8 years.

    Had this been Middlesboro his house would have been pelted with muck, excrement, #$%$, #$%$, puke, vomit bags, dog #$%$, animal entrails, dried-out scabs, used sanitary towels, waste sewage and other vile accoutrements of life in this bleak place on Teeside - and that - would just be the first course!
    He wants to think himself lucky that he got such a nice send off. Good Riddance you plonker!

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    • How´s the hangover Davey.

      The crushing? Did not quite happen did it?

      Starting to realise the limited potential of your team. If you can´t beat a team as "poor" as Boro after all the cash that has been splashed. Just goes to show you doesn´t it.

      Played off the ball in the second half. Second to every tackle. Couldn´t win 2 headers. Lucky by score to individual goals. As a team, poor second rate and still not performing to the standards the fans think they are at.

      Boro on the other hand, started slowly and slimply gew into the game. Unlucky with the first goal, a great shot from a position you would not be normally worried about. Only to be bettered by Mido and his amazingly timed run, he went round the keeper as if he was your under 13 lad out there playing.

      The second half. Think Sam forgot to send you out. Too busy working out who he still needs to sign to try to make you better than us!

      All Boro, till fat boy scanks a turn and shot, Only for a goal to be scored by an amazing bit of control, by a formerMacam, Arca steps up and slots in a beauty.

      2 more defenders needed. Ontop of the 2 already wanted.

      But thanks for all your kind words before the game. You team really is second best in the North East.

    • This is the first time i have posted on any boards, but i do read them regularly. I simply write to congratulate you for the humerous banter you have written, its been a pleasure to read. thanks

    • This is the first time i have posted on any boards, but i do read them regularly. I simply write to congratulate you for the humerous banter you have written, its been a pleasure to read. thanks

    • Records are made to be broken Davey. It will be a draw or 2-1 either way. Hopefully to us, but with these dodgy refs these days who cant see if the ball has crossed the line or not, who knows!

      Get yerself on a plane to Malaga Davey and come watch the game in a country that actually has a summer, the absinth is on me.

    • 2 0 to the Boro.

      Monday will be fun but not as much fun as being on the south coast of Spain watching you boys get tonked in the pub on Sunday, drinking beer, looking out over the Med and think of you saving hard for your holidays while your football team gets beaten by the biggest team in the North East!

      That do you?

    • C`mon C.J. you may as well have a pop. I know no fear. It`s the absinth,I think i`m ganna hev te start drinkin halfs.

    • Forget ? no you don`t, your just being smug and facetious,I know that you really do understand that my glorious black and white heroes had the worst injury crisis experienced by any team in the history of the premier league.It makes your current problem look like a hiccup.....................................Must go, I need to write a victory speech,which I will post on here a.m. monday if I can tear myself away from the celebrations for long enough that is ! Eeeeh doug,if this gans tits up I`m giving you enough ammunition to slaughter me on here for months,but never mind it`s just a bit of fun ! I never was much good at keeping me big fat heed below the parapet.....go on have a shot,you`ll only appear cowardly if you wait until monday .Yeeeehaaaa

    • I remember such comments of glee last season when you were in Europe and going to win it, going to finish above us in the league....What happened then, I forget?

    • Was more thinking of you being sick going home.

      But you are only as good as your last game some say, oh, we won.... and last time you came to ours? Oh......

    • Our record at your place speaks for itself,as Mr Glitter (you know I never had him down as a football fan ! ) has pointed out.Anyway me auld pals I think it`s only right that we should officially break off diplomatic relations until after the game ( sorry,massacre ! )But because your such decent fellows,albeit misguided,( you can`t help where you were born ), I really hope you manage to keep the score down to four or five.Oh................... and I promise not to laugh too loud HONEST !

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