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  • Franck's off to Birmingham apparently.

    Its the same thing every preseason, we need strength up front, some flair the middle and a right winger who will take on players and deliver balls into the box and yet Boro buy players from teams that aren't as good, players who have flopped at big clubs or unknowns,

    I'm some what glad Smith's not coming to the Boro as I don't really rate him that much after he left Leeds but it seems the club is pinning the hopes of getting to Europe on the youngsters which is bound to fail again, they maybe good enough but we really need quality players for them to learn off.

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    • It will be a hard season all right, hopefully the youngsters will have improved with another years experience behind them.
      It is worrying though that the squad is not really stronger than last year and the season could easily go t¡ts up if we are unlucky and pick up a few injuries.
      This summer there has been a sh¡t load of cash thrown about by other premiership sides, lets hope we don’t get left behind.

    • Yeah, but you`ve answered your own question...........top players don`t want to play for middlesbrough because there going nowhere.I really do admire your loyalty to the cause,but it`s time surely to accept the truth.your always gonna struggle,your not an attractive proposition to any player who is looking to improve himself,so your stuck with second raters and those who`s careers are in decline.I`m sure you will occasionally unearth the occasional " hidden gem " but sadly their heads will eventually be turned,( if their good enough )by the opportunity of playing for a bigger club and/or making lumps of money.you know at the bottom of your #$%$ that stuart downing will go one day.i actually believe he would have gone by now but he really isn`t anything special.so my smoggie friends,i`m afraid this is as good as it gets for you lot..........keep the faith.........good luck............your gonna need it !