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  • Boro CJ Boro CJ Aug 6, 2007 21:33 Flag

    Is it just me???????

    Ha ha, a hell of a lot of wishful thinking from several barcodes ...ey Davey ; )

    So when we finish above you this year AGAIN...your excuse will be ????

    What you fail to see my mentally challenged Tyneside friends, is that perhaps the “curse” of not attracting over paid posers and mercenaries to spend the season on the treatment table is a blessing.

    Boro have a group of young players who actually want to play for their home town club (do you remember your youth side before Souness f$%ked it up Jabba ?)

    A big spending billionaire chairman cannot instil desire & passion in his players only a few quid in their pocket.
    A point that NUFC might be missing in their search for silverware.

    hee hee, Dream on Geordies...another season of disappointment beckons.

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    • Nooo then C.J. I would gladly put my house on the toon finishing above your lot this season.In fact #$%$ to it,I don`t often have a bet with the bookies,but I`m gonna have a bet on newcastle finishing at least 10 points above middlesbrough.£ 100 should do it .........wonder what the odds are ? I honestly believe you`ll be down among the dead men and we`ll finish between 6th and 10th........go on shoot me down in flames...........At least I`ve stuck me big fat heed above the parapet.........lets have a prediction from you in return !

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      • Here’s a good prediction for you Davey-spend fifty mill win FNUKC all!

        Sound familiar?

        Jibber Jabber I can´t even be bothered to respond to you. You only have one string arguments that needs you and all of your aid workers to write, then you get stumped as soon as someone comes back at you. You´re as much use as a set of floodlights in a Thai betting syndicate.

        Davey i can´t wait for the season to start. Banter untold!

        Cheer up all you moaners. It´s a new season. Where is your optimism. This is our season, a fresh start. We could win it this year! It´s not yet November and we are still in with a chance in all competitions!

        Franck? Sod him. He went off to play pretty football and ended up hating his manager, playing the long ball, finishing below us in the league and now he´s off to Bham to play relegation football, the French Tit.

        Smith was a good target but he was most likely to sign for NUFC lets be honest. Signing all the big players? Players that scrap in the center circle? I wished that happened at our ground. Complain and want to move to London for all the flashy lights (or just cos you got caught doing gay deeds Mr Jenas). Want to move for family reasons? Dyer has had a kid in Ipswich for years and he don´t even pay for its up keep! Players who come out on camera and lye in front of the whole country about the manager (Bellamy)? Man, I wish we had all these "big" players costing loads and oh yes winning nothing and getting the team no-where quickly.

        They have won nothing spending big. They have fallen further than we have risen. Big Sam was told he had money to spend, what´s he got? Naff all cash, players who don´t want to play for them and a bunch of defenders not used to the prem. Oh dear there maybe trouble ahead.

        We on the other hand have the best producing academy in the league. Young players who will die for the shirt. A Turk who´s own supports have sent so many messages to the club saying how good he is I was amazed. I have never seen such a response from a set of fans before. He is going to be electric in the prem.

        Our back line has an England center and right back. The best left footed English player in our midfield and the highest scoring striker currently in the prem for the last 4 years! It´s not all bad.


        That should keep things ticking Davey.

      • My predictions are;

        1) Teesside blokes will be officially recognised as the best looking people in the country, with Gareth Southgate as the cover boy.

        2) Middlesbrough property prices boom as thousands of page 3 models move North to shag the Teesside men-folk

        3) White sock & baseball cap sales rise dramatically in Newcastle & Sunderland in a disillusioned attempt at emulating their Northeast rivals

        4) Buoyed by the booming Boro economy and availability of quality split-arse, top football teams from all over the world are inundated with transfer requests from their star players.

        5) Steve McClaren after being sacked from the national side for failing to qualify for Euro 2008 begs Steve Gibson for his job back (and is told to “F$%K right off pal”)

        6) Middlesbrough storm to the top of the premiership.

        7) The Newcastle team are pelted with eggs by disillusioned Geordies who have yet again seen their side fail to live up to even the most feeble expectations.

        8) Sam Allardyce resigns as Newcastle manager and a joint team of Graham Souness, Kieron Dyer and Titus Bramble take over.

        9) Boro win the League cup beating Man-Ure 5 nil at Wembley. The premiership & F.A cup soon follow.

        10) Jabba the Geordie explodes in a gigantic explosion of $h¡t and stale pies.

        The bookies just gave me odds of a million to one, the funny thing is for your bet Davey the odds were even longer!!