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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Aug 8, 2007 21:22 Flag

    Is it just me???????

    Parker, Jenas and Dyer. Yes he is a sick note but can play well on the three games a season when he is fit (Where is Darren Anderton now a days?). I also said England quality not a quality England player. (You can stretch it to Bowyer as well but he only played well when he got bored sitting in court all day!)

    Liked Parker? Not the rest of your ground. Shame sections of your fans booed your captain off the pitch and out the club. Classy.

    It´s not so much a case of whether Barton will go down for his latest criminal activity. Maybe beating up other ethic groups is just part of his gene make up. It´s not like his brother ever did anything like that...... But what will he do next? "Blah Blah I owe Stuart Pearce so much for sticking by me" cut forward 3 months oh it happened again. Going to Sporting Chance, ah bless, more like not got a chance. With some people there is only black and white.

    When Big sam was incorrectly told he had a 50m transfer kitty this summer do you think he thought that´s how much he could spend or how much money he could make?