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  • Ouch,Thats a bit nasty dougy dear boy,are your plymouth argyles playing you up ? I find it very entertaining when your fired up like this and dishing the dirt on N.U.F.C. There is always just enough truth in your p*ss taking to warrant a reply,but I`m sure at times your cheek must get sore from you sticking your tongue in it.With regard to Scott Parker,I`ve got no option but to accept that a section of our fans caused him to leave.There was an incident when he was booed by a few clever b*st*rds who accused him of pulling out of a tackle.he is clearly not the type of player who would do that.I believe during the incident in question he realised at the last second that he had no chance of winning the ball and pulled out to avoid a booking or worse.Those who criticised him don`t know there #$%$ from there elbow.As for the boy Jenas,I believe you have previously accused him of homosexual activity,so he`s probably best out of the way then.Dyer I`d be happy to see the back of him,he has ability but sadly he is not prepared to put himself about often enough,even on the odd occasion when he is fit. Bobby should have sacked the little #$%$ when he refused to play wide right against you lot 3 or 4 years ago.Theres not a lot I can say about Joey Barton,yeah he`s not the kind of bloke you`d like your daughter to go out with,but as a footballer he`ll do for me.And Doug I know for sure you`d say the same if he was playing for Middlesbrough and if he was i`d probably be the one winding you up about his dodgy behaviour...........Anyway, we`re gonna finish a country mile ahead of your lot this season so what do I care !