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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Aug 7, 2007 15:52 Flag

    Is it just me???????

    You argue like a girl (sorry ladies for putting Mr Jibber Jabber Fool in the same catorgory as you but it is true.)

    You make a point.

    We respond.

    You then laugh saying ha ha I got you. You bite every time, I win.

    The thing with banter is to try to have some fun, make a few jokes, relate it to footbal but to continue the debate to see where it can go. Have I lost you here?


    You make a point.

    We don´t respond.

    You say ha ha you have nothing to say about that. I win.

    It makes everyone of your points, pointless. Did you not get enough attention as a child?

    The top team was based on last seasons final prem standings.

    So are we still top?


    We could do it by most recent trophies.

    Oh we win again.

    By ground size.

    You win. (don´t get too excited)

    By money spent with no progress.

    You win.

    By being worried about the ground that has been made up by the other teams in your area.

    You win.

    By not improving on your previous seasons prem place.

    You win

    By not regularly making cup finals.

    You win

    By spending loads and going backwards

    (guess who) Oh its you again. You win!

    Hopefully with these major wins in your life, today you can feel happy and proud.

    Now go and try to scrape an extra 2m quid off a team with more money than sense. 6m???? He´s a sick note take the cash and run!