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  • A very tentative good morning to all you cake suckers,it`s getting like a war zone here, in the church of the poisoned mind. I was kind of worried last week because we hadn`t wasted our normal pre-season £50 million quid.But at last big sam has made his move.thats 4 decent defenders he`s bought now.By the way did any of those almost sign for your lot ? call me naive any time you like but the toon are on the way back. Sick note dyer will soon be gone,which prompts me to ask you C.J. and Doug,how is robert huth, your own £5million non combattant.Will woody make it back for the start of the season ? ..........christmas ? yes my smoggie friends,it doesn`t matter how you choose to bend the truth or deliberately mis-interprit the facts you know,oh yes you damm well do,that you`ve not improved over the summer. and come on take a deep breath........thats it ,you can do it , go on admit it ,yes thats right,NEWCASTLE have........Now then that wasn`t so bad was it ? Just look upon it as therapy,honest it will make you feel better........trust me ! It may take us a while to gel but when we do.... look out premier league,the toon are back................Eeeeh who said that a full frontal lobottomy wouldn`t work..........Cheers me dears.